❯ A Dream That Came True – Chapter 1 – Feeling Lost ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

This is it, Ryan thought.I’m not doing this anymore!He walked slowly over to James and said “I am sick of you playing up, all you ever do is piss about and I am not standing for it anymore, dude I’m quitting “. Then Ryan just walked away, he walked out of James’ house and down the road and he just kept walking.Ryan was in a band named “Triple the Mess” and he really felt for music. He had an obsession with music. But this was the final straw, he wanted to get somewhere but his friends/band mates weren’t taking it seriously. So … he quit.
As Ryan walked down the road he could feel someone coming up behind him, he turned around and standing there was Liam, Liam was the school bully, he beat you up even if you looked at him. “Hey loser” Liam said with a nasty tone. Ryan just kept on walking; Liam grabbed Ryan and kicked him in the leg, Ryan fell to the floor. “Don’t F####ing ignore me Ross”Ryan slowly got up and started running, he could hear footsteps behind him. Go and teach him a lesson, his mind told him. No. Ryan wasn’t violent, he was such a gentle soul and he didn’t want to hurt anyone, all he wanted was to play his music.Liam grabbed Ryan and pushed him down to the floor, he put his face right next to Ryan’s and grinned; Ryan could smell the booze on his breath. “You’re going to pay for ignoring me you fag” Liam said as he kicked Ryan in the face repeatedly.As Ryan lay there feeling hurt, sore and humiliated, all he could think about was his mother, sitting at home waiting. It was way past his curfew and he knew she would be worrying, ever since his father died. She worried a lot.Liam had gone and Ryan was hurting. He had been beat up by this guy before but … not to this extent. He raised his left arm and pushed himself up; he stood up and started walking home. Ryan got to his front door and sighed. He pushed his key into the door and silently padded up the stairs. “Ryan! Where have you been “his mother shouted from the living room. “I’m sorry I’m late mom, I got tied up at band practise, it won’t happen again” he replied.He walked into his room and threw down his bag. Why was his life so crap, he hadn’t got many friends. He’d never even kissed a girl, and to top it all off he got beat up regularly. What a life, he thought.As he walked into the bathroom to clear his face up, his little sister Ellie popped her head round the corner, “RYRO! “ she shouted and jumped on him. She worshipped the ground he walked on, he was the best big brother ever … in her eyes.“Hey Ellie, shouldn’t you be asleep?” Ryan asked“Yes but I couldn’t sleep without a hug from you” she said and smiled at Ryan.He hugged her tight and realised, she was one thing that was great in his life.“ Goodnight Ryan” she whispered, yawning.Ryan continued into the bathroom, and ran the cold water, and dabbed his face with a wet tissue. He could hear his mom coming up the stairs so he turned out the light and sat on the edge of the bath, listening.He heard his mom’s door shut and he turned on the light again. Ryan was getting extremely tired now so he walked into his bedroom and lay down on his bed. Before he knew it, he was sleeping.