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Chapter 15: A Demonic Duel.
Tails had fallen unconscious, right after calibrating the final data streams in Rei’s life support computer to at least keep her alive a few more days, so long as she didn’t do much. Rei sighed slightly.
« You shouldn’t have saved me… » she uttered.
« Tails did what she thought was right. » replied Mitsuko. « Besides, what else were we to do, let you suffocate right before our eyes? »
« Yes… » Rei replied honestly, « or left me here. »
« Neither were options for us young lady. » Zewl interrupted. « Whatever you may have done in the past, we could still not have let you die. »
« Why not? I was satisfied with sealing you all away and leaving you in the recesses of darkness. Chances are improbable you’d ever be freed, yet still calculations indicate that the likelihood of us releasing you results in little probability on your part. » Rei explained, somewhat confusingly. Kiros raised his hands to calm her down.
« Look lady, personally, I don’t think you could have sealed us, no offense, but you’re not that good a duellist. So no harm done. »
« That is a bold statement for one who got beat by our lowest rank. » Rei replied, calmly.
« But I beat him. And Jin, whom you called ‘General’ as I remember. » Kiros replied hotly. « Just ‘cos I had one bad duel doesn’t mean I wouldn’t wipe the floor with you. »
« Jin was my subordinate, even if I called him general, my rank advances his. » Rei replied. « And no, just one bad duel doesn’t mean you wouldn’t wipe the floor with me, but i studied you and calculations indicate a thin line between winning and losing in a duel against my Ancient beasts, even for someone of your calibre. »
Kiros growled angrily as glared at Rei. Mitsuko patted him on the shoulder. « Don’t get yourself so worked up about it. Win or lose, who cares. You did what you had to do when you needed to do it. »
« You know, I’m really getting sick and tired of all of this. » Sonic said, his tone not normal as he showed irritancy and even anger. Zewl raised his eyebrows at Sonic.
« What d’ya mean, m’boy? »
« I’m sick and tired of the ‘I can beat any and everyone’ bullshit that all this duellist have! » Sonic barked, his tone shocking even himself. « I’m sorry…I just think that people should prove they are better, rather than claim that they can beat each other. Talk is cheap. If you all think you so great, then prove it with your cards, or keep your traps shut. I have friends to save. » Sonic walked toward the open door to leave to the next room.
« Well…looks like Mr ‘It’s all a damned joke’ finally realised that life is shit.. » muttered Kiros as he turned to leave the way they’d came. Mitsuko and Zewl just looked back and forth between Sonic and Kiros, unsure of what to do.
« Fine, go and run like a coward. » Sonic stopped and turned his head. « Because deep down that’s what you really are, you’re not a great duellist, it’s your cards that make you great. You’re so overconfident it makes me sick. I don’t think this is a joke at all, i never did. And life is not shit when you do something about it. »
« Okay, that ain’t me mate Sonic, who’re you and what did you do with Sonic? » Marine asked, shocked at Sonic’s outbreak. Sonic rubbed his head, shook it and sighed.
« I’m sorry, I just wanna help our friends… »
« Screw you man…you don’t know shit about me. » Kiros said dully.
« I know enough. » Sonic said, then walked off. « You’re a scared little boy who thinks they can lip thier way though life, no wonder you get it so hard. » Rei’s eyes began to looked weird and she seemed to shut down as her head dropped.
« Can we please stop arguing now? We have a lot more work to go, choose which door your taking and take it already. » Hitomi said, narrowing her eyes. « Don’t you see that the Shadow Clan wants us to fight amongst ourselves? Grow up, Sonic. »
« I’m taking this one. Good luck saving your friends asshole… » Kiros said angrily as he ran off. Zewl glared angrily at Sonic.
« You’re way out of line m’boy. You have no idea what that lad’s gone through. »
Sonic angrily burst around. « Talk is cheap old man! I’m sick of his attitude! » And Sonic zoomed up the other stairs.
« For fucks sakes… » Hitomi curse, running after Kiros.
Marine narrowed her eyes dull-like. « Happy thoughts… » she dragged.
« If that’s how you feel, then I guess I was wrong about you Sonic. » Zewl said strangely. « My help on this quest of yours is over. » Zewl also turned around, heading after Kiros and Hitomi.
Hitomi had caught up with Kiros and grabbed his shoulder in hopes of stopping him. « Kiros, wait! » She called.
« Get away from me…” he said, no emotion, no life in his voice. He pulled away and carried on running. Hitomi sighed, then in a flash, got in his way in the next door, making sure he had no exit, not this way at least.
« Hear me out, would ya? »
« What do you want? »
« To know… » Hitomi replied, clearly.
« Know what? » Kiros replied. « I don’t have time for this; I have better things to do. »
« I want to know everything. » Hitomi said, still staying in his way.
« I’m just a little kid who thinks he can lip his way through life. » Kiros spat. « Now, get out of my way. »
« Can you force me out your way? » Hitomi asked. « Look, Sonic’s having it rough, we all are. This place is meant to make even the cheeriest of people go mental. Sonic is upset, ignore him. »
« I don’t give a shit!! » Kiros exploded. « I’m sick of being treated like I’m some damn kid, like everyone matters more than me! I’ve had it! »
Hitomi curled down holding her knees, looking up at Kiros. « I don’t matter more than you. » She said, softly. « Share with me, I know I can at least communicate on your level. » Hitomi smiled. « In fact… » She closed her eyes and began chanting, her body then morphed and she seemed to start shrinking. When she stopped, she stood up and looked like she’d aged backwards, being about Kiros age now.
Kiros just shook his head. « Just leave me alone… » he said as he tried to push past. Zewl appeared behind them.
« Let him go Hitomi. » he said. Hitomi managed to be easily pushed over and banged her head on the wall of the door.
« Ouch…fine… » She said, her voice younger. « I just wanted to help. »
« I know. » Zewl said as Kiros disappeared. « But there’s a lot more going on than you could know. »
« Hmm, odd, I see things differently when like this. » she looked around. « For one all things a bigger. You gotta know what this place does to you; surely you felt the negative vibes on entering, right, grampa? » Hitomi said, out of characterly.
Zewl nodded. « I did. For someone my age, they aren’t so bad. For people like Sonic, Tails and the rest, it’s draining, upsetting. For someone like Kiros…… » he trailed off.
« He won’t leave…not fully… » Hitomi said. « In fact, he’s probably bumped into something quite unexpected. » She chuckled a little.
Hitomi was right, Kiros had stopped dead in hs tracks just at the last bottom room as there stood a pink fox , completely naked and drained, barely standing on her own two feet, long pink hair covering her eyes.
« Who the hell are you. » he asked coldly.
« Huuh…? You’re not papa… » She said softly, looking toward him, but her eyes still covered.
Meanwhile, Zewl smiled at Hitomi. « My dear, Kiros will leave, and nothing short of Armageddon will stop him. »
« We will see. » Hitomi replied, smiling.
Kiros stayed silent and walked right past the girl, out into the cold snow.
« Bad vibes… » the girl turned around and lifted her hand, firing a small pink beam at Kiros, which struck harmlessly and formed a faint pink bubbled around him. « Void out the bad… » She turned again and continued walking, until she fell over forward. The bubble however fell away from Kiros, peeling, almost as if it were rotting away. He shrugged and carried on walking.
Back upstairs, Hitomi stood and reformed her old self. « You’re leaving too, huh old man? »
« No. Just wanted to make sure Kiros didn’t hurt you. He’s…..well….. » the mole couldn’t finish.
« Hm..? He’s what? » Hitomi asked, curious.
Zewl sighed. « Kiros has grown up in places where you have to talk tough to survive. And I don’t mean to make friends, or keep the bullies away, I mean Survive. As in, live to see another day. At least, that’s part of it. The rest, I don’t know myself. He won’t even tell me about it. »
« Even if this sounds mean, I’d have loved to grow up like that, it was better than the way I did. » Hitomi said, honestly.
Zewl shrugged. « Like I said, that isn’t all of it. There’s a lot more to Kiros’ past that he won’t tell. He must have had so much trouble trying to fit in with you guys, and for Sonic to turn around and say the stuff he did…. »
« Kiros just needs to find someone…different… » Hitomi said.
« I don’t know what he needs. » Zewl sighed. « I’ve done my best to help the boy, but I’m just an old man… »
« He needs his good half…someone who is the opposite of what he is, shy, scared, precious. If he’s gone through life protecting himself, maybe finding someone to protect would help him for the better. » Hitomi said. « I was like him, I had the attitude which, unlike him, i couldn’t back up, but once my sisters came, i had someone to protect, and I try my hardest to do so… » Hitomi explained.
« Maybe you’re right… » Zewl smiled wryly. « But do you think there’s anyone out there that can get through that thick skull of his? »
« Awkwardly…I know the exact little girl… » Hitomi sighed.
Zewl chuckled slightly. « Never saw you as the ‘match-making’ type Hitomi. »
« But…i only know her cause i witnessed her birth, but i know her in a sense, she’d be perfect. But that’s all i can say. » Hitomi said. « Matchmaking? Me? » She blushed a slight bit. « Naah, i just…have a hunch. »
The old man sighed sadly and looked to the door Kiros had left through. « Whether you’re right or not…it’s going to be damned near impossible to find him now. »
A glow appeared on Hitomi’s head, and then faded. « Nope, he’s just started the Canyon we came though. » She smiled.
Zewl shook his head. « I mean once he gets back. He’ll disappear. Did he tell you lot anything about his life before meeting you? »
« Don’t recall, however, it doesn’t matter where he goes, i know exactly where he is anywhere, i just needed a piece of his breaking spirit…sorta. He has a shattering spirit wave which i can track, once i have it, his every location is known to me. » Hitomi explained. « My mother was a natural born fortune teller, i guess i inherited some tricks. »
Zewl shook his head and smiled. « I know of this power you speak of Hitomi. Indeed, I’ve known a few in my time who held it. How-ever, where Kiros will go, even you will not be able to trace him. He will go back to the underworld. »
« …that’s a deadly place… » Hitomi said, « On the assumption we’re thinking the same… »
He chuckled. « That depends on where you’re thinking. I refer to the ‘dark’ side of the city…the underground….the gang ruled land where all who reside there are broken in spirit. »
« Oh, never mind then. » Hitomi laughed a little. ‘He doesn’t seem to realise my powers extent…’ she thought. « I gotta get back to the others…otherwise they’ll all lose without me. » Hitomi blurted.
Zewl sighed. « Indeed. I shall accompany you. They will need all the help they can get by the end of this… »
« I know what was said, you don’t have to… » Hitomi replied.
« If Kiros is to return to us alive, I must. » Zewl said mysteriously before heading back up.
Hitomi shrugged, walked three steps and wobbled a bit, gripping her head. « Aww…nuts… »
Turning, Zewl saw Hitomi struggle. « What is it? »
Hitomi regained her composure. « It’s…uh… » then laughed nervously. « Nothing, nothing…just tampering with my body and soul makes me feel wierd sometimes… »
« Oh…. » Zewl replied, though he did not look convinced.
Marine came running down. « You guys are still ‘ere! Great, Sonic’s just taken a blow… » She said in panic and exhaustion.
« Oh dear…. » Zewl said without enthusiasm. « Come Hitomi, it seems that we are needed after all… »
Hitomi, Marine and Zewl all hastily moved to return to their friends.
Meanwhile, Upstairs, Sonic lie in a heap of exhaustion on the floor as Kai stood strong.
Mitsuko stood there, clearly unimpressed. « Humph… » he grunted. « You yell at that kid saying he’s all mouth, yet you’re no better. » he said coldly. Kiama stood next to her brother, glaring at Sonic. Sonic tried to stagger up.
« You’re lucky I’m not interested in your souls, or yours would be gone, you fool. » Kai said, calmly. « Next? »
Suddenly there was a clapping from behind Sonic and Mitsuko. Zewl walked up the stairs. « Bravo Sonic, bravo. I’m impressed. » Sonic continued to struggle to his feet.
« What…? There’s nothing impressive about this… » Sonic said, weakly. « I’m…sorry… » and fell back down.
« Three move knockout…How boring… » Kai said.
Zewl walked over to Sonic. « What’s impressive… » he whispered to the fallen hero. « …is that not only did you utterly destroy your own team-mate, someone who looked up to you, you then went and lost. But we’ll talk about that later. » He stood. « Now then Kai, how would you like to face a real duellist? » Sonic collapsed.
« Sounds like a challenge. » Kai said.
« No… » called a voice. « He’s mine… » A fox that looked exactly like Kai, only with two long blue pigtails, a mix of green and blue eyes and was a girl walked in.
The gang, or what was left of it, turned. Zewl looked at the new arrival and smiled. « Be my guest young lady.. » he said bowing.
« I was wondering when you’d show up, so called sister… » Kai said, dully.
« You still don’t beleive me, you all go to the next room, this is personal. » the girl said to the gang.
Mitsuko walked forward, Kiama in tow. « No arguement from me… » he said as he hauled Sonic onto his shoulder. « Come on Zewl, we got better things to do. »
Tails staggered behind, Rei being left in her room. Everyone else followed as Kai clicked his fingers for the door to open for them.
« Actually…… » Zewl stopped. « I’m curious to watch.. »
« No! » The girl cried out. « I don’t…wanna be embarrassed and i duel better when i’m not being watched…please just go… » She pleaded.
Zewl nodded politely. « As you wish.. » he said before heading upstairs.
« You due worthlessly either way… » Kai replied.
Up the next room, it was empty, though a large gate was the door instead of a normal smaller one.
« Sheesh….. » Mitsuko muttered. « These guys SERIOUSLY need to look at getting an interior designer in…. »
« That gate should be open. » Hitomi narrowed her eyes.
« Oi, mate. » Marine said tugging on Mitsuko’s coat. « I got me a question. »
Mitsuko turned. « Hmmm? » he replied.
« Your lil’ sis there, she got a deck? » Marine asked.
Kiama hid behind Mitsuko, blushing. Mitsuko smiled. « She does, although it’s a very basic one. »
Hitomi bolted her head over. « Please don’t tell me she’s carrying it. »
Kiama looked scared. « I-I always have it…. » she stammered quietly.
« Please take it off of her, immediately… » Hitomi ordered.
« B-but… » Kiama started.
« She’s right Ki, you don’t want to be duelling in here. »
« Speaking of which, look around, if you don’t take her deck quickly, me and her will be all that’s left and I can assure you there’s 3 more at the least.” Hitomi said. Mitsuko took Kiama’s deck, the little girl looking like she was about to burst into tears. Hitomi sighed, feeling guilty. « Please, it’s for your own good. The last three are the best and a basic deck is going to result in your re-sealing… » Hitomi said, softly.
Kiama looked up at Hitomi and sniffed. « I-I know….but I always keep my deck…Mitsuko made it for me.. » she whimpered as she held on to her brothers arm.
« Now, why isn’t this gate open… » Hitomi looked around, curiously and something caught her eye. « HERMANA! » Everyone looked up to see Hermana tied by her arms hanging over them.
« What in the name of…… » Zewl said in horror.
Hitomi ran up the side of the gate and leaped to Hermana, taking a blade and cutting the robes, falling back down with Hermana in arms. As she was about to land, the gate opened and Petal came charging in. In a sudden instant, Hitomi spun round and Petal struck her in the foreheard with her two first fingers.
« Sorry…but brothers orders are orders… » She said, coldheartedly. Hitomi then slumped to the ground, dropping Hermana and both lie soullessly. Petal took a few steps back. « My job is done… » she said, looking down on them.
« What the hell did you do you little bitch?! » roared Mitsuko as he took a step towards them
« I wouldn’t go near her if i were you. » Petal advised.
Kiama tried to pull Mitsuko back, and he stopped moving. « What did you do? » he demanded.
« I did what I was told, like a good girl should. » Petal said, playing dumb.
« Which….was….what….?! » Mitsuko growled menacingly.
« You don’t scare me, you know. » Petal said, calmly toward Mitsuko.
« Brother….please….. » Kiama pleaded. Mitsuko glared at Petal.
Petal turned to walk out, when suddenly everyone was hit with a black flash. In that instant, Hitomi was stood upright, large black wings and a large black tail, holding Petal by her head. She was bolting black thunder around her body. Petal, for the first time ever, was terrified.
« That… bad. » Zewl commented, stating the obvious. No-one however decided to point this out. Kiama cried out in fear and buried her head in Mitsuko’s coat. Hetoma slammed Petal into the floor and launched her into the air, turning around to the others, as Petal came crashing down. Hetoma’s eyes were a demonic yellow, she’d developed fangs and her hair was all demonically spiky, the ponytail now a large demonic shape. She had a large eye on her forehead.
« Damn girl, you uuuuugly!! » Marine said in disbelief.
Petal carefully lifted herself and crawled out of the gate, which shut behind her and locked.
A young voice echoed though the room. ‘Come play with me…I’mso bored…won’t someone play with me?’ It asked, echoing. Hetoma pulled a deck, which was shrouded with darkness and the back was black instead of brown.
« Looks like we found our challenge for this room…. » Mitsuko muttered.
‘Room? Not really…i just want a playmate…will you be my playmate? I’ll be your best friend…’ The voice echoed.
« What are you? » Zewl asked loudly.
‘I’m lonely…you don’t realise how lonely I am inside of this body…Sealed away with no escape…play with me and I’ll grant you what you’ve always wanted…i promise…’
« Mitsuko….I’m scared…. » Kiama whimpered. Mitsuko nodded.
« What if what I want is for you to shut up and leave? »
‘Then play with me and I will do so…but you have to play with me…or i’ll consume one of you…’ The voice echoed, sounding sweet, yet demonically evil.
« Who? » Marine asked nervously.
‘…maybe all of you…Play with me…Play with me…PLAY…WITH…ME…!!!’
Mitsuko stepped forward, activating his duel disk. « Not gonna happen freak, you aint getting NEAR my sister. »
‘Yay, someone to play with…we’re going to have so much fun…’ The deck hung in the air. ‘I’ll draw 6 cards…’
« Mitsuko…… » Kiama whimpered.
« Don’t worry Ki, I know what I’m doing. » He replied. ‘I hope..’ he thought.
‘I’ll put two unseen cards and summon my Mystic Tomato. He’s so much fun.‘ In the black shroad, a large demonic evil looking tomato appeared and laughed loudly. (1400/1100) ‘It’s your turn…’
Mitsuko drew his 6th. « Alright. I’ll start by setting one monster, and 2 face-downs. Your move freak. »
‘That’s not very nice…i didn’t deserve that…’ The voice echoed. ‘I only want some friends…It’s not my fault people are scared of me…’
« You threaten my friends and my sister, you ain’t gettin’ anything from me! »
Kiama stepped forward nervously. « Um…I-If you want some friends….you don’t have to duel, I’ll play with you…I got some dollies and stuff…. » she said sweetly.
‘Dollies? What’s a dolly?’
Mitsuko face-palmed. Kiama grinned, brightening up a little. « Dollies are little people you play with, make believe they’re real. »
« Stay back, young’n, this one doesn’t seem right. » Zewl said, in concerning.
Kiama shook her head. « It’s okay, she just wants a friend. » she smiled. Mitsuko watched over his sister warily. « Kiama…get back. »
‘The duel has begun…don’t worry…no one will be hurt…’ The voice echoed. ‘Then we will see…’
« It’s your move. » Mitsuko repeated.
A card lifted from the deck and floated in front of Hetoma, with the other cards. ‘I’ll use Foolish burial and send Gate Guardian to my graveyard.’ She said.
‘A dangerous move…’ Mitsuko thought. ‘I’ll have to watch this one.’
‘I summon Phantom of Chaos to my side of the field.’ A black void appeared next to the Tomato. (0/0) ‘It’s your go…’
Mitsuko drew. « I set another monster and end. » he said bluntly.
Another card floated up. ‘I’ll summon Yubel using the monsters i have as fresh meat.’ The voice echoed. Yubel rose as the two others were destroyed. (0/0) ‘Now, i use Double Summon, so i can add Card Trooper to the field.’ The voice continued. ‘Now it gets really fun.’
Zewl watched with interest. ‘In all my years…I’ve never seen that ‘Yubel’ card….’ he mused.
‘I’ll send 2 cards from the graveyard from play to up the strength of Card Trooper for this turn and attack the left monster.’ (1400/1400 now) Mitsuko cursed as his Shining Angel was sent to the graveyard. He chose not to activate it’s effect how-ever.
‘You’re turn.’ The voice said. (400/400 Card Trooper.) Card Trooper was destroyed for some reason.
Mitsuko drew. « What happened with your monster? » he asked.
‘Yubel needed it’s power to remain alive…’
« Oh I see… » he replied. « Well, guess it was for nothing. I tribute my face-down to summon Zaborg the Thunder Monarch. » the huge manlike creature emerged. (2400/1200)
‘What does that do?’ The voice asked. Hetoma looking interested.
« Glad you ask. On summon, he destroys one monster on the field. And as there’s only him and that Yubel of yours….. » Mitsuko trailed off.
‘You’ll destroy Yubel?’
« Well I’m not gonna destroy my own…. » Mitsuko said impatiently as Zaborg fired off a blast at Yubel. Yubel was vaporised, and a dark cloud emerged around the field. ‘I was hoping this would happen.’ The voice said, with a hint of darkness.
« Uh-oh… » Mitsuko said with a little worry in his voice.
When the mist cleared, Yubel had morphed, rather than be destroyed. ‘Thank you so much. You’re so nice to me.’(0/0)
« What the hell happened? »
‘When Yubel is destroyed by an effect not of it’s own, it evolves into Terror Incarnate.’
« So it’s a special summon? » Mitsuko asked.
‘Technically, yes.’
« Then I’ll activate this. Black Horn of Heaven! » he countered as he flipped his trap. « My trap negates the special summon and destroys the monster. »
‘That wasn’t a good idea…’ The voice said. Terror Incarnate was destroyed, but began morphing again.
« What else does this creature have planned… » Zewl asked himself as Marine cuddled Kiama as the young girl looked on in fear.
‘You see…when removed from the field, it evolves again into The Ultimate Nightmare!!!’ And Yubel’s final form, massive as it was, stared down on the gang, with it’s many eyes. (0/0)
« Eep… » was all Mitsuko could say.
« But that thing has no points! » Marine yelled.
« But it has an effect no doubt….one that will prove to be very, very nasty.. » Zewl answered her.
‘Maybe…maybe not…’
« Dammit…. » Mitsuko cursed. ‘I have no idea what that creature’s effect is, so I can’t attack!’ he thought. « Fine. Your move. »
‘I knew this would happen.’ Another card floated up. ‘Yubel, attack Zaborg.’
« Have you lost your mind?! » Marine yelled as Yubel struck Zaborg down, and Mitsuko grunted as he was hit by the blast <5600>
‘Nightmares special effect takes the attack of any monster it does battle with and takes it out of thier life points…thier monster is then destroyed.’
« Not bad…. » Mitsuko commented. « But that’s the last time you’ll get the jump on me. »
‘I don’t think so…your Zaborg is destroyed. It’s your turn.This duel is going to be over shorter than you think…’
A great comeback.
The fall of Shadows.