Saint Seiya Fan Fiction ❯ A Day at the Beach ( Chapter 2 )

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Okay everyone! here is chapter 2 of First Date.
The standard warnings aply as always!
Pairings, you should know, are: HyogaxShun, IkkixEsmerelda, SeiyaXMiho, and ShiryuXKioko (OC)
Chaper 2: A Day at the Beach.
Hyoga pulled into a parking space, quickly glancing around, seeing that there were only six other cars in the lot. He had figured that not to many people would be at the beach today. It was a Tuesday morning after all. He turned the car off, then popped the trunk.
Shun got out, moving to go through the trunks contents. Hyoga opened the back seat, unbuckling Takura from her booster seat. He let her get out, then closed the door and locked them. He went around the back of the car, where Shun was just handing thier daughter the bag full of toys. Shun picked up the towels and blanket. Hyoga smiled, kissing her on the cheek, causing her to blush slightly and Takura giggled.
Hyoga shook his head, picking up the small cooler with one hand and the lunch basket with the other. Shun reach up and pushed the trunk closed. “Takura.” Hyoga called, not even turning around. She stopped, looking back at them.
“Go. Now.” She told her parents.
“Alright honey.” Shun said, turning to walk down to the beach. Takura was right on her mother’s heels, the slightly heavy bag hitting the ground every once in a while as she walked. Once on the actual beach, the sand still slightly cold since the sun hadn’t had the time to heat it up. Shun sat the towels down, then spread the blanket out for them to sit on. She kicked off her shoes and sat down on it. “Come here Gem.”
Takura dropped the bag, falling onto all fours on the blanket and crawling to her mother. Hyoga smiled at that, trying to not laugh at their five year old daughter. Shun took a hold of the dress’s hem, and pulled it up, over her daughter’s head, forcing the little girl to raise her arms so the dress could be removed. Now Takura stood in nothing but her one piece pastel pink and green bathing suit and white sandals.
Back at the house, just before they left, Shun had put the sandals on Takura. She had glared at Hyoga, asking him what he was thinking putting her in socks when they were going to the beach. She had stripped the socks and putting on the delicate white sandals that had Piglet on them, onto her daughters feet. The little girl was obsessed with Piglet from Winnie the Pooh and the Grouch from Sessame Street.
Takura was sitting on the blanket, staring out at the ocean. “It so big,” she whispered. “Mommy! Does it go on and on and on?”
“Not really.” Shun told her. “It ends when it hits another body of water.”
“Oh.” Takura blinked, turning to face her mother. “Will it take me away?”
Hyoga laughed at that one, stopping him from pulling his shirt off. “No. No, Takura. It wont take you away.” He pulled his shirt the rest of the way off. That left him in only his blue swim trunks. He knelled down next to his daughter. “You want to go play in it?”
“Um….” She looked back at the water.
“Why don’t we let daddy go get wet, and we’ll make a sand castle?” Shun told her. Takura nodded, getting up. “Takura, take off your shoes.” she told her daughter. Shun then pulled her shirt off, leaving on her shorts and her red two piece bathing suit. She stood up, helping Takura out by taking the bag from her. She led the little girl down the beach to the wetter sand. “Come on Hyoga. Go play in the water. You can stare at me some other time.”
Hyoga blushed slightly, turning his head away as he kicked his own shoes off. He shook his head, wondering what had gotten into him. He’s seen Shun in a bathing suit before…hell, he’s seen her in a lot less then a bathing suit. He headed down the beach to the ocean, then waded into the salt water. He continued till he could swim without hitting the ocean floor.
Shun dumped the bag, buckets and various beach toys hitting the sand. Takura picked up one of the shovels, starting to dig with it. The mother smiled, picking up the other one and filling the largest bucket with sand. She made sure to pack it down tight, then turned it over. She hit the bottom a few time, then slowly removed the plastic from the sand. Takura watched, then gasped when the sand didn’t topple back down. “How you do that?”
Shun smiled, handing a smaller bucket over to her daughter. “Fill it up with sand.” She told her, doing the same to a medium sized bucket. “Make sure to pack it in tight.” Takura giggled, using her hands to push the sand down into the bucket.
“Like this?” she asked, her bucket about three-fourths of the way full.
“All the way full.” Shun told her. Shun carefully turned her now full bucket over onto the previously made one. She gently tapped it, then removed it, a tower slowly forming. Takura stared, amazed by what she was seeing.
“Show me! Show me!” she said holding her down full bucket up. Shun smiled, taking the bucket from her.
“Come here Gem.” she said. Takura crawled over to her, watching as her mother turned the bucket over next to the growing tower. “Now tap the bottom a few times.” Takura reach out, hitting the bottom of the bucket. “Now take the bucket off.” She nodded, pulling the bucket off and towards her. The tower of sand fell down.
“It no work.” Takura said, looking down at the bucket like she was blaming it.
Shun laughed lightly, taking a hand full of the dirt and putting it back into the bucket. “You have to pull it straight off. Okay?”
Takura nodded, helping Shun put the sand back into the bucket. This time when she tried to get the sand out she pulled straight up on it. There stood a perfect small sand castle. The little girl jumped up and down, laughing. She quickly ran over to the water, going up to her knees in it. “Daddy!”
Hyoga stopped swimming, turn to his daughter, smiling at her. He started back to her, his head down. Once he could stand, he did, walking along the ocean floor to her.
Takura had ventured farther out into the water, now up to her waist. The small girl had no hope when the wave came, knocking her over and under the water. Hyoga gasped, hearing Shun cry out in shock as Takura went under. He quickly moved, grabbing for her. He found her arm, pulling her out of the water before Shun even reach them. Takura coughed, tears quickly rolling down her cheeks. She wrapped her arms around Hyoga’s neck, sobbing.
“Shh. It’s okay. It’s okay.” Hyoga told her, rubbing her back. “Daddy’s got you.”
“Is she alright?” Shun asking, laying a hand on his arm. “Hyoga?”
“She’s fine. Just shookin’ up.” Hyoga assured her, moving out of the water. He moved towards their things. Shun moved ahead of him, grabbing the hooded towel they had brought for Takura. She wrapped her daughter in it, the hood covering her wet head. Takura let herself be wrapped up, sitting in Shun’s lap.
“Its okay Gem.” Shun told her soothingly, looking up when a towel was wrapped around her shoulders. Hyoga smiled, his own towel wrapped around his shoulders.
“Takura?” Hyoga called, waiting till that blond head turned so he could look into green eyes. “That’s why we told you you had to be careful.”
Takura sniffed. “You said it no take me away.”
“It wasn’t trying to take you away. It was playing with you.” Shun told her daughter. “Like Kiyoshi’s puppy. When he gets happy, he knocks you down. Thats all it was doing.”
“Oh.” Takura nodded. “Daddy?”
“Mommy’s right Gem. The ocean was only playing.” Hyoga told her. “So till your bigger, either mommy or I will have to help you.”
“’tay.” Takura nodded. She gasped. “Daddy! Guess what!”
“The sand did no fall down!” She told him.
“Really?” He asked, a slight laugh in his voice. It was just like his daughter to get excited about a sand castle.
The young child was nodding in excitement, wiggling out of her mother’s arms. Her towel hit the blanket as she moved over to Hyoga. “Come see!”
Her father handed his damp towel to her mother, then allowed his daughter to drag him off. She explained which was hers and which was Shun’s. Hyoga listened to her, picking up the toys before the ocean could claim them. “Mommy can do any ding!” she said, her speech reflecting her age, unable to pronounce the ‘th’ in ‘thing’.
“Can she?” Hyoga asked. He figured when he was that age he thought his mother could do anything as well.
“Yep! Daddy too!” she told him, kissing him on the cheek. “Love daddy. Love mommy.”
“Daddy and mommy loves you too.” he promised, glancing over at Shun. She was heading towards them, her camera in hand. Takura laughed, yelling for her mother to take her picture.
Shun stopped a little ways from then, taking their picture. She then moved over, taking a picture of the sand castles. “Time for lunch.” Shun told them. Takura cheered while Hyoga blinked.
“We’ve been here that long?” He asked.
Shun nodded. “Its almost one.”
The blond adult blinked, not realizing they had been here that long. “Takura, do you want to try the water while mommy gets lunch out?”
Takura looked first at him, then her mother, then the ocean. “It no take away?”
“I promise.” he told her.
Takura nodded. “Okay. But daddy no let go.”
“I won’t.” He told her, picking her up into his arms. He waded out into the water, then kneeled down, letting Takura stand. He kept a hold of her, letting her splash in the water. She giggle, bending down.
“Look!” she cried, pulling a small shell out form under the waters surface. “What is it?”
“Its a sea shell.” Hyoga told her, taking it and placing it in his palm. “I’m sure you can find another one if you try.”
Takura found a lot of shells, letting Hyoga carry them. She ran ahead, straight into Shun’s arms. She wrapped the towel around Takura, tying it closed and making sure the hood was up. Takura got ear aches too easily for the couple to not be cautious, “I found bunch of shells!”
“Did you?” Shun asked. She sat Takura down on the blanket, sitting a plate in front of her. On the plate was half a ham sandwich and some chips. She handed Takura a juice box, then started to eat her own lunch.
Once lunch was over, Shun pulled out a small bag for trash. She then pulled out a zip-lock back, handing it to Takura. “Put you shells in that. You can show them to Uncle Ikki when we get home.” Shun told her. “Uncle Ikki loved sea shells.”
Takura nodded, carefully putting shells into the bag while her parents cleaned everything up. Shun zipped it closed, letting her daughtere carry it back to the car. “I’m going to take Takura over to the showers.” Shun told Hyoga, placing the things she was carrying down, pulling two towels out of the truck that she had brought just for this.
“You want my boxer shorts?” he asked, knowing her shorts were still wet from when Takura fell in the water. Shun’s shirt would be long enough that if they stopped anywhere no one would know that they weren’t shorts.
“Thanks.” Shun said. She pulled them out, along with the rest of the clothes that her and her daughter would need. “Should I put her back in her dress or in her extra clothes?”
“The dress. No use in dirtying another outfit if we don’t have to.” Hyoga told her. She nodded, getting the dress out.
She then took Takura by the hand, heading over to the bathroom/shower area. She picked a stall, stripping Takura down, turning on the water so that it sprayed down on both of them, causing the little girl to laugh. The young mother wrapped her daughter in a towel, drying her off. Once done, she put her underwear on, then the white dress. “Takura. Can you stand there a minute while mommy rinses off?”
Takura nodded, doing as she was asked like the good little girl that she was. Shun quickly rinsed, then removing her bathing suit and redress. Shun put all the wet clothes into a plastic bag, then folded the towels. She took took her daughter by the hand, heading back towards the car.
Hyoga wasn’t there and the trunk was closed, so she knew that he had gone to rinse to sand off, then change. She open the driver door, popping the trunk. Putting everything in there, and then pulled out a hair brush and a pack of hair ties. Shun sat down in the drivers seat, calling Takura to stand in front of her. Shun handed her the bag of hair ties, telling her to pick one out.
“I want piggy tails.” Takura told her, holding up a green and a orange hair tie. Shun sighed, not even going to argue about the colors she had chosen. Shun set to work brushing out Takura long hair, then split it in half. She braided one, then the other, putting a hair tie in each. “I wanted piggy tails!” Takura whinnied.
Shun kissed her on the top of the head. “You have to much salt water in you hair for that. I’ll do pig tails tomorrow.” she told her as she set about brushing her own hair. She sighed only halfway down, deciding to just leave it. “Gem, give mommy a hair tie.” Takura handed her a blue one, and Shun wrestled her hair into a pony tail.
“Shun, you ready?” Hyoga asked as he approached the car.
“Yeah.” Shun told him, getting up. She took the bag of hair ties from Takura, giving them and the brush to Hyoga. She then put her daughter into the car, buckling her into her booster seat. “Hyoga, I need the keys.
Hyoga shut the trunk, digging the keys out of his pocket. He handed them to her, brushing his hair out of the way. Shun moved back to the drivers seat, leaving Takura’s door open. She started the car, turning the air conditioner on full blast. Shun got back out, stretching as she did. “Want to hit an ice cream shop before going home?” Hyoga asked her.
Shun smiled at Hyoga, nodding. “Sure.”
He nodded back, handing her the brush, his hair now combed through. Shun headed around the car, while Hyoga closed Takura’s door and got into the driver seat. Once both of them were in, Hyoga headed out to a small ice cream shop he had seen on the way in. He pulled in, parking. He turned the car off, getting out to get Takura out.
“Where we?” Takura asked, looking up at the shop.
“Ice cream.” Hyoga told her, leading her to the door, Shun right behind them. The went to the counter, each getting a small cup of ice cream. The sat down at one of the tables, eating. Like most kids, Takura had it on her face and dress by the time she was done. “I’ll change her.” Hyoga promised, smiling at his girlfriend.
“Agreed.” Shun told him.
Out side again, Takura was stripped out of her dress, and put into a red shot sleeve shirt and blue shot overalls that had the Grouch on the pocket. Shun handed Hyoga a baby whip, which he used to clean his daughter’s face and hands. Takura was put back into her booster seat, and they headed home. Not ten minutes later, she was sound asleep with her head tipped sideways.
“Looks like she had fun.” Shun said, snapping a picture of Takura on her digital camera.
“Yeah. We’ll have to take her to the zoo some time.” Hyoga committed.
Shun turned to him, smiling. “She would love that.”
“Ikki jokes that it must be hereditary. Apparently neither him or Esma [1] like to go to the zoo…but bother Bish [2] and Cho love it.”
“Then we’ll have to take our niece and nephew to the zoo.” She told him.
“There not my niece and nephew.” Hyoga reminded her.
“You’ve been there their entire lives, your dating their aunt, your daughter is their cousin…and they call you Uncle Hyoga. So yes they are you niece and nephew.”
“Don’t ‘Shun’ me.” Shun muttered. “Now you listen to me Alexie Hyoga Yukida [3], they are your niece and nephew, whether by blood or friendship.”
Hyoga grinned. “You know…I like when you use my full name.”
Shun rolled her eyes, and ignored him the rest of the way home.

[1] Esma is a nickname for Esmeralda.
[2] Bish is a nickname for Bishamon. Bishamon (boy) and Cho (girl) are Ikki and Esmeralda’s twin four and a half year olds. It’s been awhile, so I thought I would make a not for anyone who didn’t remember. (I even had to look up the names to remember.)
[3] Alexie Hyoga Yukida is Hyoga full name, or so I have been told. For the purpose of this story, we’ll say its true.

That’s chapter 2. As of know I’m not sure when I’ll update again, it’s up to the bunnies. I believe this one will have one more chapter, maybe two. After that will be another sequel. (actually I’m thinking of atleast two more -maybe more- in this series, hope everyones okay with that.)

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