Dragon Knights Fan Fiction ❯ A Cry in the Night ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

A cry in the night
Disclaimer: I do not own Dragon Knights or any of the characters in this fic from the manga.
Summary: Rath is having nightmares and Lord Lykouleon helps him forget.
Pairings: R/L-Yoai
* * *
Rath cried out for Light, but he knew the Light Dragon was dead. He knew the dragon died protecting him and all he could do was swear to kill every Yokai he came across. It didn’t matter he was too young to protect himself from the demon, all that mattered was that he loss one of his only friends.
Rath buried his face in the covers and cried. He should have died not Light.
“Rath are you okay?” Lord Lykouleon asked as he pushed open the young Dragon Knight’s room.
Rath being around ten just held his breath hoping the Dragon Lord wouldn’t notice.
“Rath I know you’re awake,” Lord Lykouleon said. “Did you have another nightmare? Do you have want to talk about it?”
“No,” Rath answered forgoing both questions.
Lord Lykouleon sat down on the bed next to Rath. He pushed around Rath’s dark hair, “You know I don’t blame you for what happen right?” he asked the child.
“Yes you do.”
“No. Rath, I don’t hate you. I love you.”
Rath froze under the soft touch, “Why?” he asked meekly.
“because you are you Rath.” Lykouleon lean down and pressed a kiss to Rath’s forehead. He drew away and watched the boy’s face; all the while telling himself he shouldn’t be doing this. What would his queen think, but he didn’t care at the moment all that mattered was making sure Rath knew he was loved by someone. As soon as he saw no rejection on Rath’s face he captured the child’s lips.
He couldn’t help but smile as the boy let out a whimper. “Lykouleon…” Rath said.
“Yes, say my name.” Lykouleon pressed his lips to the child once again this time forcing his tongue down the boy’s throat and moaning at Rath’s taste.
“No! No more!” Rath cried and pushed Lykouleon away. “I’m fine.”
“Are you sure?” Lykouleon so wanted to continue kissing the boy.
Rath stared at his hands, “Yes, I’m sure.”
Lykouleon tilted the boy chin up until their eyes met, “I love you, Rath.” He said. “My Dragons love you as well.”
Rath nodded to show he understood. “If they all love me like you, would they want to kiss me as well, I mean like you do?”
Lykouleon growled, “No one would dare to touch what is mine.”
Rath flinched, “Sorry.”
Lykouleon lended in and kissed the boy’s sweet mouth. “You are mine and no one, I mean no one will touch what is mine.” He sighed and pulled away. “Come to me next time you have a nightmare,” the Dragon Lord said. “I’ll help you forget.” And with that Lykouleon left the room leaving behind a very confused ten year old behind.