Card Captor Sakura Fan Fiction ❯ A Battle With A SHADOW ( Chapter 4 )

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A few minutes after Madison had shown me and Sakura the video, all four of us and Kero went outside to the courtyard. Madison was still looking at Kero as we came to a bench in the courtyard and sat down. « Sakura, Zachary, if its alright with the both of you, could you introduce me to your friend? » Madison asked while looking at Kero. « His name is Keroberos, but we’ve been calling him Kero. » I said in response as Kero accepted it. « Don’t call me like I’m some frog! I’m Kerberos, the Beast of the Seal who guards the Clow Cards! » Kero protested before taking a bite of cake and grinning. « Clow Cards, what are the clow cards? » Madison asked. « I guess we should explain » I said with a smile.

And so, while Madison ate her lunch, Sakura and I began explaining to Madison about the Clow Cards and about how both of us became CardCaptors. And once Sakura and I were done explaining, Madison then said « Two CardCaptors that protect the city from the catastrophes of the Clow Cards and both of them helping each other every step of the way…that’s so awesome! » Madison said in a thrilled tone of voice. « If you don’t mind, can you both show me how you use your magic? » Madison asked. « Yeah, yeah, show her! » Kero cheered. « It’s all right, there’s no problems. Nobody’s watching! » Kero continued.

It was then that both Sakura and I stood up from the bench and removed our keys from our pockets. « Oh key of clow, power of magic, power of light, surrender the wand, the force ignite, RELEASE! » Sakura and I chanted in unison.

Madison then watched as the circle lit up below both me and Sakura, the wind forming of it’s own accord and blowing though both myself and Sakura’s hair as both keys became staffs in a burst of white light.

And then, with a final flash of light, both Sakura and I stood side by side with our staffs clenched in our hands. « So those staffs give both of you magical powers? » Madison asked. « Well, we also need the cards » I said to Madison. « Like this one » Kero said, pulling the Fly Card out of Sakura’s school bag. « Kero, how did you…? » I began to ask. But, my sentence was cut off when Madison said, « Oh, you have got to let me film both of you » Madison said, which made both Sakura and I sweatdrop in response.

The next day, when Sakura and I arrived at the school, we both noticed that a lot of students were gathered near the entrance to the school.

Without hesitating, both Sakura and I rollerbladed up to the crowd of students. « What’s going on? » Sakura and I asked. « Oh, hey Sakura, hey Zachary » one of the girls said. « come look » another girl said, taking both Sakura and I through the crowd of students.

When Sakura and I got through the crowd, we were astonished at what we saw, most of the schools chairs, desks, and other school equipment were stacked up into a pile that looked like it was three stories tall. « What happened? » Sakura and I asked with an astonished tone in both of our voices. « No one knows, it was like this when we got here » the girl that had pulled us through the crowd said.

A few minutes later, Sakura and I, along with some other students from our classroom, dashed down the hall towards our classroom, and when we slid the classroom door open, both Sakura and I were shocked by what we saw. The chairs and desks in the classroom were all stacked in one huge messy pile. While Sakura and I, as well as some of the students who came with us into the classroom started to try and move some of the chairs and desks out of the pile, Madison walked in. She too had the same expression that Sakura and I had when we saw the classroom in a mess. « Oh hey Madison » Sakura and I said in unison. « Someone sure made a mess of the classroom last night, but, why would anyone do this? » Madison said. « Do you two think it could be one of those Clow Cards? » Madison asked and whispered to me and Sakura.

After the school day ended and Sakura and I, along with Madison got home to our house, the three of us went upstairs and told Kero what had happened at the school today. « Yep, it’s a Clow Card alright » Kero said after Sakura and I finished explaining. « I knew it! » Madison said. « Great, it makes a mess, and then, we get to clean up after it » Sakura said in an annoyed tone of voice. « Hey, look on the bright side, at least we got out of class. » Madison said. « Yea, I guess that was pretty cool » I said in response. « But what kind of Clow Card would do that to a school? » Sakura asked, turning to Kero. « I don’t know, but, what I do know is that you two are going to find out! » Kero said, pointing to me and Sakura. « But, why us? » Sakura and I said in unison. « If it is a Clow Card, then you two have to capture it! » Kero said. « And what if we don’t want to? » Sakura and I asked. « Who was it that let the cards escape? » Kero asked, reminding us that we were the ones who had to capture the cards. « So then it’s settled, we will go back to the school tonight » Kero said. « HUH, Tonight! » Sakura and I asked both in an surprised voice. « There is no way, not tonight! » Sakura and I said in unison. « We don’t have a choice, some Clow Cards only come out at nighttime » Kero said. « You know the school can be very dangerous at night » Madison said. « She’s right » Sakura and I said in response. « And that’s why I’m coming with you two, I can’t wait to video tape another card capture » Madison said in an excited tone of voice. « Then its settled, we go tonight » Kero said « Awwwwww » Sakura and I said in a depressed tone of voice.

Later that night, Sakura and I were waiting at the entrance to the school for Madison to show up. « Kero, I don’t like this » Sakura and I said in unison. « Aww don’t sweat it Sakura and Zachary, you two will be just fine » Kero said, trying to comfort me and Sakura. Just then Sakura and I heard a car horn, we turned to our left and saw a black colored car and a grey colored van pull up next to us, one of the doors opened, and Madison came out to greet us. « Sorry I’m late Sakura, sorry I’m late Zachary » Madison said. « That’s okay, we just got here » I said to Madison in response.

It was when I finished my sentence that four females, each of them wearing a black suit and black glasses came out of the car. « Let me introduce you, these four ladies are my bodyguards » Madison said. All four of them bowed to both Sakura and I. Both Sakura and I bowed back a few seconds later. « You’re the only one in school that we’ve both seen that has her own bodyguards » Sakura and I said in unison. « Well you’re the only two kids I’ve ever met that have magical powers ». Madison said, grabbing our hands and pulling both of us towards the grey van. « Walla! » Madison said as she opened the back door of the van. Both Sakura and I gasped in amazement, on both sides of the inside of the van were rows and rows of costumes. « What is all this? » Sakura and I asked, still shocked from seeing so many outfits. « Alright you two, time to get changed » Madison said. « What do u mean? » Sakura and I said. « You two are going to capture a Clow Card, am I right? » Madison asked. « Yea? » I said in response. « Well, special occasions call for special outfits » Madison said with a smile. Both Sakura and I gasped. « She’s right » Kero said as he popped out of my backpack « The clow cards are more likely to take you both seriously if you both look like you mean business » Kero said. « You and I are going to get along great » Madison said, turning to Kero. « Go get changed you two » Kero said. Both Sakura and I were still stunned from being told to change into our battle costumes. « Quit stalling you two » Madison said, pushing both of us into the back of the van. « Hey, wait a minute » Sakura and I said.

A few minutes later, Sakura and I were in our battle costumes, « You both look amazing » Madison said. « This is so embarrassing » Sakura and I groaned. « Oh, I almost forgot I made something for you too » Madison said, turning to Kero.

A few seconds later, Kero was wearing a big red bow with a red jewel in the center. « There, now you, Sakura and Zachary match each other » Madison said. « We didn’t sign up for this » Sakura and I said to ourselves.

It was then that Sakura and I heard a loud noise. Both Sakura and I then turned around, but there was nothing there. « Hey did you guys hear that? » Sakura and I said. « Did we hear what? » Kero asked. Just then Sakura and I saw dozens of dark shapeless shadows emerging from the dark parts of the area. « The Shadow Card is behind this! » Kero yelled out. « Kero, take Madison someplace safe » Sakura and I said. « Sure thing! » Kero said. And a few second later, Sakura and I pulled out our respective keys. « Oh key of clow, power of magic, power of light, surrender the wand, the force ignite, RELEASE! Sakura and I chanted in unison. With our staffs now in hand, Sakura pulled out the Windy Card, and then both of us raised our respective staffs and said, « Windy Card, break the shadows apart, RELEASE AND DISPEL! Sakura and I said as we tapped the card at the same time with our respective staffs.

A few seconds later, the Windy Card appeared and shot up towards the shadows that were about to attack me and Sakura. But, even though the shadows got hit directly, the shadows regenerated and continued their attack on me and Sakura.

« Sakura, Zachary, use the Fly card and get out of there! » Kero yelled. And without hesitating, I pulled out the Fly Card, Sakura and I then raised our staffs, « FLY! » Sakura and I yelled in unison as we tapped the Fly card at the same time with our respective staffs. And once the word was said, both of our respective staffs grew wings, and a few seconds later, both Sakura and I took off into the sky and away from the students’ shadows. « Oh this doesn’t look good, the Shadow Card has collected all the shadows of the students in the school, there’s no way that Sakura and Zachary can possibly defeat that many shadows at once! » Kero said in a frightened tone. « But, isn’t there some other way? » Madison asked. « Well, if the students shadows were struck by light, then they would disappear, and then Sakura and Zachary would use there magic to seal the shadow card alone, but it won’t be light out for hours » Kero said. « That’s what you think, leave it to me » Madison said. Meanwhile, Sakura and I were in the air dodging desks that were being thrown at us from the school windows by the student’s shadows. « We’ll never be able to stop all of them! » Sakura said. « So what are we going do? » I asked Sakura in a depressed tone of voice.

It was then that the students shadows that had tried to attack me and Sakura earlier shot up from the ground and grabbed hold of our respective staffs. « Hey, LET US GO! » Sakura and I shouted while trying to break free from the students’ shadow’s grip. « Somebody help us! » Sakura and I yelled.

It was then that the courtyard lights came on, as well as all of the lights in the school, causing the student’s shadows to disappear. « The shadows there gone? » Sakura and I said in unison. « Sakura, Zachary, over here! » Kero yelled.

Both Sakura and I then flew down to the window that Madison and Kero were at. « What happened to the students’ shadows? » Sakura and I asked. « All of the students shadows vanished when all of the lights were turned on » Kero explained. « Fantastic job Madison! » Sakura and I said in unison. « Sakura, Zachary, it’s the shadow spirit » Kero said, looking towards the courtyard. Both Sakura and I then turned around and saw a dark cloaked figure. « Here goes nothing! » Sakura and I said as we flew towards the cloaked figure.

It was then that the cloaked figure turned around and attacked us, but both of us dodged the attack just in time. « Now is you chance Sakura and Zachary! » Madison said. « Show that Clow Card who’s boss » Kero yelled. « Right! » Sakura and I replied in unison.

It was then that I pulled out the Windy Card, and then both of us raised our respective staffs. « Windy Card, become a chain and tie Shadow up, RELEASE AND DISPELL! » Sakura and I chanted in unison as we tapped the card at the same time with our staffs. A few seconds later the Windy Card appeared and began circling the Shadow Card, and a few seconds after that, the Shadow was tied up. It was then that Sakura and I raised our staffs, « Shadow card, we command you to return to you power confined, SHADOW CARD! Sakura and I chanted in unison as we swung our staffs down. And a few seconds later, the Shadow Spirit was spilt in half, and both halves got sucked into each of our card halves. And with that, the Shadow Card was captured. The then card fluttered to the ground and Sakura and I picked it up at the same time. « Woohoo, way to go Sakura and Zachary! » Kero cheered. « What a great shot » Madison added in. The next morning, when Sakura and I arrived at the school, we noticed that Madison wasn’t in the classroom, it was then that Chelsea walked by. « Chelsea, have you seen Madison » I asked. « I sure have, I just saw her in the video room » Chelsea replied. « Thanks Chelsea » Sakura and I said as we left the classroom and headed for the video room. « Thanks for helping us out last night Madison » Sakura and I said in unison « we brought you a… what the! » Sakura and I said in a shocked voice as we saw Madison in the video room watching a video of me and Sakura capturing the Shadow Card from last night. « I can’t believe how well this came out » Madison said with a smile. « So… you taped everything last night? » Sakura and I asked in a somewhat shocked tone of voice. « Of course, I didn’t miss a single second of both of you working together to capture the Shadow Card » Madison said. « Promise me that both of you will take me with you whenever you capture cards, okay? » Madison asked. « Huh! » Sakura and I said, sounding a little confused. « This is the most exciting footage I’ve ever videotaped. » Madison said. « Sure Madison » Sakura and I said in unison. « And from now on, I’ll be in charge of both of your costumes too, wait ’till you see the outfits that I’ve designed for you next capture » Madison said while smiling at me and Sakura. It was then that on the video that Madison was watching that Sakura and I, looked directly at the camera and gave the peace sign.

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