Card Captor Sakura Fan Fiction ❯ A Battle in the RAIN ( Chapter 6 )

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A few days after Sakura and I captured the Water Card, Sakura and I woke up one morning and realized that it was a little early for us to be waking up, since it was Sunday. « Hey, you two are up pretty early for a Sunday. » Kero said, after Sakura and I got out of bed and went to the window to pull back the curtains. « Yea we know » Sakura and I said in unison. « Because today we are going with Madison to the new amusement park! » Sakura and I both said with a smile. And with that Sakura and I dashed downstairs.

« Morning » Sakura and I said as we entered the living room. « Morning Sakura, morning Zachary, you two are up early » Mr. Avalon said. « Yeah, and its not even noon yet » Tori said in a sarcastic voice.

It was then that Sakura and I turned to Tori. « I’ll let that one go » I said in response. And with that, Sakura and I went to the dining room table and sat down. « What’s gotten you two so excited? » Mr. Avalon asked. « Madison, Sakura and I are going to the new amusement park » I said in response. « Aren’t you two forgetting something? » Tori said, putting a whiteboard down on the table. « Both of you traded chores with me » Tori said, reminding me and Sakura about it.

A few minutes later, Sakura and I were busy doing Tori’s chores when Mr. Avalon came by with a basket of laundry. « Well, here is all the laundry. » Mr. Avalon said, putting the basket down. « Do u two need any help? » he asked. « You’ve got your lecture to think about, don’t worry, Sakura and I can take care of it » I said in response. « okay, I’ll go put this over by the washing machine » Mr. Avalon said. « See you later squirts » Tori said, as he closed the front door and left. « See you later Tori » Sakura and I said in unison. « Well, I’d better get going too » Mr. Avalon said. « Have a great day » Sakura and I said as he closed the front door.

A little later, I was talking on the phone with Madison. « I’m sorry, Sakura and I completely forgot that we traded weekend chores with Tori » I said. « So It’ll take you all day? » Madison asked. « Yea » I said in a sorry sounding voice. « Don’t worry about it Zachary, we can all go some other time » Madison said. « Thanks, see you at school tomorrow » I said. « Okay, see you later » Madison said. After I hung up the phone, I sighed and said « I guess Sakura and I will have to make it up to her » I said to myself with a sigh.

A little later, Kero, Sakura and I started doing our chores. I was washing the dishes, Sakura was dusting the living room, and Kero was doing the laundry.

It was when I was cleaning the rug, that I found something under it. « Wood? » I said as I read the name on the Clow Card. « This is a Clow Card! » I said in an excited tone. And with that, I ran down to the basement to show Sakura what I had found. « Your pretty lucky to have found a Clow Card so close to where it was released » Sakura said. It was then that the vacuum that Sakura was using caught something, Sakura then picked up the ink covered card that the vacuum had caught. « Looks like someone spilled the ink » Sakura said, turning the ink covered card over to find an all too familiar symbol on the back. « Another Clow Card » I said. « I can’t believe it » Sakura and I said in unison. « Two Clow Cards in one day, we must be getting good at this capturing stuff » I said, turning to Sakura. After that, Sakura and I set both Clow Cards on the desk. « I recommend that we write our names on the Wood Card so that it won’t escape. » I said to Sakura. « Sounds good to me » Sakura said with a smile. And with that Sakura and I wrote our names on the bottom of the Wood Card, with my name above Sakura’s.

It was then that the phone upstairs rang. « I’ll get it » Sakura said, running upstairs to answer the phone, but little did Sakura know that I had removed her key from her pocket before she had left to answer the phone. A few seconds later, I heard the front door of the house close. « Sakura must be running an errand » I said to myself.

It was then that I noticed that the ink covered clow card was glowing. « This can’t be good » I said, reaching into my pocket and removing my key with Sakura’s key still in my left hand. A few seconds later, a rain cloud appeared from the glowing ink covered clow card. It was then that a little girl appeared on top of the rain cloud, and a few seconds later, turned her attention to me. And with that, I placed each in both of my palms, « Oh keys of clow, powers of magic powers of light, surrender the wands, the force ignite, RELEASE! » I chanted. With both staffs now in hand, I raised both above my head. « Rain Card, I command you to return to your power confined, RAIN CARD! » I chanted as I swung both staffs down at the same time. A few seconds later the Rain Card was captured. « I guess I should’ve asked Sakura if I could capture a card on my own » I said in a frightened voice. « How am I going to explain this to Sakura » I said to myself in a depressed tone of voice.

A few minutes later, Sakura came back from giving Mr. Avalon an envelope that he had left behind. It was when Sakura went back down to the basement that she noticed that the entire floor was wet. « What happened here? » Sakura asked turning to me. « The ink covered card activated on its own, and for some reason, I just somehow knew it would happen, so I decided to take your key just in case I would have to seal the Rain Card alone » I said. « It’s alright Zachary, I understand. » Sakura said with a smile. « You do? » I asked with a surprised tone in my voice. « Of course, It’s completely natural to have a sixth sense about what might happen if neither of us signed the Rain Card before I left » Sakura said. « Thanks for understanding » I said. « No problem, because after all, we are brother and sister » Sakura said.

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