❯ 7teen: Unaired mother’s day ep – What to do and how to do it ( Chapter 3 )

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No one could blame me for the way I took off like that. Danny almost even felt like taking off himself but he felt so confused and lost he didn’t have the feel to do that either. Of course he could understand half of why Mom did what she did but… still… she let her fear get to her and all this happened. Even though her having amnesia was an accident beyond her control, Danny still felt she should’ve gone to the police first thing…
But because she let her fears get to her, one thing lead to another and Danny and I were left to suffer at the hands of our abusive, evil father for eight years! Despite still being able to make it out of it, defeating our father, and making lives for ourselves… that didn’t really erase things.
My friends were more concerned about me– Having never known my mother my whole life, and now to just meet her– that was pretty intense. She was never there for me. She never provided for me…!
Luckily they found me in my store. I let them come in but I kept the place closed. I felt so knocked out of my mind I couldn’t even look at a blank sheet of paper without feeling like falling over in shock again.
Sadly, no one knew what to say or do! None of them really knew how I felt, but they knew I couldn’t just keep acting so distant or in shock like this. “But what do you expect me to do?” I asked “Go back in time, seventeen years, and change my life just like that?”
“That would be awesome!” Jude said with glee in his eyes. The others gave him a look of outrage. “Uh…? Not awesome. Sorry.”
I sighed softly “I just don’t know what to do or say.” I said “I mean, this person… she’s half the reason that I lived my childhood a nightmare, but on the other hand she is my mom, and yet I don’t really know much about her.” I groaned loudly as I slumped back in my chair “How do you express all your feelings of different emotions at once?”
The others honestly couldn’t answer that for me and just left me saying “You do what you feel is right.”
As they left my store, Mom could see me from afar and couldn’t blame me for feeling the way I was. Danny put a hand on her shoulder. “Just give him time.”
I thought about it long and hard, and as I really thought about it, I did have a bad past and there was nothing I could do to change that. It was part of who I was, and also… the fact remained that I did make it out, and even though I had my little problems with my brother, here I was, my own store and business, my own home across the street, I paid my own bills and taxes, I was becoming world famous with my own comic series… but the most important was my friends. I probably never would have met them or come to love them so much, like brothers and sisters in a way I always wanted, but never had, and I had Amelie too, the love of my life.
Maybe… there was some good that came out of this as well as bad, even if they didn’t really cancel each other out. I stood up tall and proud. I knew now what I could do…
I counted up the money in my safe to see how much I could spare. I made some calls, and sent a few faxes.
The gang didn’t hear from me for the rest of the day, or all through the next day either. They didn’t hear from my brother or Sophie either. They walked around and asked about, but right up to mall closing time, they had nothing.
Worse than that, they realized that the Mother’s Day picnic was tomorrow, Nikki and Jonesy had been so wrapped up in this mess, and Jonesy had been so busy with his now lost job with Rent-A-Mom. They both had completely forgotten about getting gifts for their mothers and in-laws.
They only realized this too late as the stores had already locked their gates and the mall was closing. “Ah, man…!” cried Jonesy.
“Oh, no!” cried Nikki “Oh, no, no, no… This is bad!”
The others tried to warn them to calm down, but Jonesy and Nikki just felt worse. All Jonesy had made was a whole bundle of cash from his gig, and that got him thinking “Maybe Emma and Miranda wouldn’t mind.”
“What…? Giving them money?” asked Jen.
“Why not?” asked Jonesy “This way they can buy something they want, and that way I sort of bought it for them.”
That wasn’t really too bad an idea, but still… giving someone cash for something out of love didn’t seem to mix too well. “You’re right.” Jonesy said “I am so doomed!”
Nikki felt just as bad as her husband. The others didn’t what to say or do; they all had their gifts ready. Jen even had Jonesy’s name signed on her Mother’s Day card, but it wasn’t enough to Jonesy. Even Jude managed to finish his Popsicle stick artwork, and it actually looked beautiful all freshly painted and it smelled nice too once Jude sprayed it with cologne to sanitize the funky trash smells.
With all the stores closed for Mother’s Day, and no time left to do anything more… the gang decided to head home.
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