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“Mykan…? Mykan…?”
I could hear that familiar voice calling to me as I started to come too. As I opened my eyes I could see Caitlin and Jen looking over me and I found that I was at home in my bed and it was the next morning. “Come on, wake up.” Caitlin said as she gently patted my cheeks.
I slowly rose and put my shades on. I felt as if a bulldozer had been sumo-wrestling with my head. “Ah… what am I doing at home?” I asked.
The girls explained that there was a panic in the mall and they found me passed out on the floor. The whole gang found and took me home to my apartment across the street from the mall, even had reach into my pocket for my keys, and they just put me to bed and took turns watching over me. I slept all through the afternoon and right through the night. “You must’ve had a bad shock.” Jen said “What happened…?”
I remembered why I passed out and I sat there with me head dropped forward gazing down at the covers trying to find words. “I really don’t know… but…” I paused “I think… I just met… my mom!”
Jen and Caitlin each blinked once with wide-eyed expressions. “You what…?” Jen asked.
I explained everything, but they girls found it hard to believe, because they found me alone on the floor. No one was anywhere too close to me. “Maybe you just feel so bad that she’s not around that you think you saw her…?” Caitlin suggested.
I didn’t know what to think but, I had a sick feeling that I didn’t imagine it, but I also felt really confused. If I didn’t imagine it, and that woman, wherever she was really was my mother, why did do all this…? All this time I thought she was dead. “Why…?” I kept saying to myself.
The girls tried to persuade me not to go to work that day, but I insisted I felt okay enough to go, but I really needed some time alone to think.
The girls talked to the others and told them what I had said “Whoa…!” Jude cried “I can tell he must’ve had one… extreme… head rush!”
“I personally can’t blame him.” Wyatt said.
Nikki felt her problems didn’t seem so terrible anymore. Jonesy came along with a ton of cash made from his most excellent service with Rent-a-Mom, and he was boasting of course. “I know… you all wish you were me.” He said as he stuffed the big wad of cash into his pocket, but none of the others took any notice of him. “Man, what’s with all the long faces…?” he asked.
Nikki whispered into his ear what she knew and Jonesy immediately felt like everyone else. “Whoa…!” he remarked “So, what do we do about it?”
“I’m pretty worried about Mykan.” said Caitlin. With that, they all decided to check up on me, but they arrived at Comic Cavern to realize my store was closed up tight and the “Out to Lunch” sign was on the gates blocking the door. “But… it’s only ten in the morning.” Wyatt said checking his watch.
The gang tried to call me, but my phone was turned off and they kept getting my voice-mail. It didn’t take much to figure what I was doing. “He went home early…?” Jude asked. “No!” snapped Jen “He’s probably gone off to find that woman he thinks is his mom.” They all decided to split up and look for me.
Easier said than done, being in practically the biggest mall in the world with thousands of people everywhere you looked. They looked at all my favorite hangout places, checked back at Comic Cavern to see if I had come back. Jude even checked in the most bizarre places…
In the plants, in the fountain, even in the garbage cans…“Ya never know…” he kept on saying “I did find more popsicle sticks in the garbage.”
“Nice…!” Nikki said with a grossed out expression on her face. Still, the gang didn’t find me, but they did meet up with my brother Danny and his wife Sophie who had arrived early for their weekend stay. “Where’s Mykan…?” Danny asked “I’ve been trying to call him but his cell’s switched off.”
The gang didn’t know how to explain to him.
“What’s going on?” asked Sophie. The gang was about to explain when they noticed Danny was standing there staring wide-eyed a woman across the way. “You okay bro…?” asked Jude.
Danny then began walking towards the strange woman. “Honey…?” Sophie called, but Danny just kept walking towards the woman. The lady turned and saw him coming and recognized him almost at once comparing him to his pictures when he was a kid, and she turned away not knowing what to say or do.
“Ma…?” peeped Danny
The lady turned around and nodded at him. “Oh, Danny…!”
Tears came to Danny’s eyes, “But… I thought you were dead?!”
Mom shook her head “No…”
The gang stood there with looks of extreme confusion. “Okay… I think someone owes a big explanation here.” Jen said, and everyone nodded in agreement.
Mom first met my father when she ran a shelter for the homeless in the very slum on the wrong side of the tracks where I was born and lived until I was eight. She helped the people by giving them food and shelter and helped them learn to seek employment to make better lives.
Dad used to be a well-groomed well-to-do man. He worked as a government inspector for the slum, and that’s when they met, and it was love at first sight. He came by to inspect her shelter often, but more preferably just to see her.
However, at the wedding reception, until then Dad had never tasted alcohol in his life but just one little sip of champagne lead to his extreme and violent alcoholism. Eventually costing him his job, and blowing a lot of money on nothing but booze which he consumed almost instantly. Mom stuck by him hoping to help him, but when she got pregnant with Danny, the extra expenses left them no choice but to live in the slum neighborhood where she worked.
Even after Danny was born, for the past several years, Dad got worse and worse and became violent. He even threatened to kill her if she ever divorced him or went to the police. When mom got pregnant with me, she realize there was only one way to get herself out of this hopeless situation, but she didn’t want to leave me and Danny to suffer at the hands of the monster that had for years tormented her and beat on Danny.
She faked her death by dealing with a drug founded in the slum neighborhood she knew would only temporarily stun her and make it look like she was dead. Then when I was born and she was taken away to a hospital morgue, her original plan was to wake up and then send for me and Danny to get us away from our father whom she knew would abuse and beat on us.
She woke up, snuck out of the hospital, and managed to get to the next town, ready to send for me and Danny, only she had an accident and fell down a long flight of stairs, badly injuring her head. She recovered but for ten straight years she had suffered from amnesia.
Daring that time she moved to live in Toronto Ontario, almost three thousand miles from Edmonton Alberta. Ten years later where she assumed a new identity, a new life. But miraculously the amnesia wore off, and she remembered forgetting to send help for her sons. So she returned to Edmonton, and to the slum to find her old home in ruins, and no sign of her ex-husband or her sons.
Worse than that, she found out that she had been declared legally dead after being missing for so long. There was even a grave in the cemetery dedicated to her memory.
Feeling the worst had happened to her sons, and now unable to come forth and reveal her true identity… she continued to live in shame and seclusion.
“Dude…!” cried Jude “Way harshin’ on my mellow…!”
The others all felt the same. “Mom…!” cried Danny “I can’t believe you…!” he sounded very disappointed in her for never actually going to the police in the first place instead of taking that stupid chance with drugs.
Mom felt very ashamed of herself, knowing what happened to me and Danny. She also explained that when she ran into me the other day, after I fainted she did holler out for people to help me, but she didn’t dare stick around feeling to ashamed and scared to be around me.
“How could you…!”
Everyone turned to see me standing near there. I had heard everything said and in all my life I had never felt so confused, lost, but above all else angry and ashamed. Mom tried to move towards me, but I backed away. “Stay away from me…!” I snapped at her and then I ran out of the mall!
Mom expected I would act like this and felt more ashamed than ever! “I’m sorry, son.” She whispered.
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