❯ 7teen: Unaired mother’s day ep – Mother’s Day to Remember ( Chapter 4 )

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And the next day was a Happy Mother’s Day!
The mall was still closed, but the parking lot, and the area around it all had been turned into a wild miniature theme park. There were all sorts of activities, like sack races, egg tosses, human wheelbarrow, or three-foot meter races.
Hotdog stands, and burger set ups, just everything was out there for those who didn’t already bring their own food from home. Julie and her mother even ran a Wonder Taco Stand together. Julie’s mother seemed very nerdy, which vastly explained where Julie got her original looks from before she beautified herself.
Darth’s folks came dressed up as Star Wars characters, and even talked like the characters too.
Coach Halder even brought his Mom, and brought his son with him. Both of them were doing reps while Coach’s mom blew her whistle and waved her cane shouting phrases at them.
Most of the gang were off having fun with their own families. Jen and Jonesy’s Family traveled together with Nikki and hers. That was a big party of twelve people just like that.
Brandon, Emma, Courtney, Jen, Jonesy, Robbie, Diego, baby Emma, Alex, Miranda, Nikki, and Nikki’s sister whose face hidden inside her hoody…
Emma loved the card that Jen bought and thanked everyone for signing their names. She gave an extra big smothering to baby Emma for her cute little handprint, and Robbie and Diego were promising to do their best not to go crazy or cause trouble as their gift.
Miranda couldn’t help but like the card Emma got from Jen. “Oh, it’s so beautiful.” she said. Her words made Nikki nervously clench her fists, but Jonesy held her hand for comfort, but Miranda noticed. “What’s wrong…?” she asked.
Her daughter and son-in-law confessed they didn’t have anything special to give her or to Emma. “Oh, Jonesy… don’t be silly.” said Emma “You’ve already made me proud.”
“Huh…?” remarked Jonesy and Emma pointed at all the people Jonesy had helped out with his Rent-a-Mom gig. Even Ron was having a good time with his borrowed mother, who turned out to be an elderly lady who also was in the service.
“Jonesy you’ve give mother’s day gifts to practically everyone, and if that isn’t good enough, I don’t know what is.” replied Emma. Jonesy smiled softly.
“And Nikki…” said Miranda “You don’t need to get me anything special either. All I really want on mother’s day… is this…” and she hugged her daughter warmly, and Nikki hugged her back. All Miranda really wanted was family, and to her that was more important than anything. She hugged Jonesy too. “You’re a good son-in-law too, Jonesy… at times.”
Jonesy and Nikki hugged her warmly, but then they looked up and saw something in the sky. “What’s that…?” asked Nikki
It was a hot-air balloon, and waving to everyone from the basket, “…It’s Mykan!” cried Jonesy.
“HAPPY… MOTHER’S… DAY…!” I shouted as the balloon softly descended to the ground. Along with me were my brother Danny, and we had our mother with us. I rented balloon rides for everyone for the whole day, and Sophie was the flyer. She learned how when her grandfather used to take her on rides.
“Dude…This is so Awe-some!” cried Jude.
“But what about your mom?” Wyatt asked.
“Yeah, where is she?” added Caitlin.
“She’s gone back to Toronto.” Danny said “But we caught her just before she left.”
I nodded and admitted I hadn’t fully forgiven her yet, but I was more than willing to make a start. She was my mom, and deep down that’s still something I always wanted, a mother’s love. So I told her about my balloon rides, and we all shared one together before she left on another plane. “We’ll keep in touch and… well… we’re just glad each other is alive and well.”
My friends felt happy for me and my brother, we all hoped that someday Danny and I could rekindle with our mom. “In the meantime…” I said “Who wants a ride…?”
People crowded around us like crazy. This was a Mother’s Day that nobody would forget… especially me.
(Ending theme)
I’m 7teen…
I have found my own way
I love my job and I live at the mall today.
And I am on my own now and forever.
I’m 7teen… 7TEEN…!
Still, the memories will last.
Jonesy… Caitlin… Wyatt… Jen… Jude… Nikki… Mykan
Author’s notes:
Well, as sweet as this ep was, I think I’ll keep it unaired (Not a lost episode)
At least I got to give Mykan a taste of having a mother, even if it wasn’t quite what we had in mind, and look at it this way… if 7teen was ever on DVD now you’d have an excuse to buy it, or at least watch in on YouTube.
So basically… what I’m saying is you can disregard this ep from the main series.
7teen: Unaired mother’s day ep – What to do and how to do it