❯ 7teen: Unaired mother’s day ep – Intro: Mother’s Day is coming ( Prologue )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
A typical Thursday morning, but practically everyone in the mall was looking forward to the annual Mother’s Day picnic on Sunday. The gang was looking forward to it, especially Jonesy, Nikki and Jen. It was going to be their biggest one ever. It was already big enough when Brandon and Emma married making Jonesy and Jen step-siblings, but Jonesy and Nikki’s marriage now made the family even bigger.
Jonesy and Nikki were nervous though, not knowing what to get for gifts for their respective mothers and in-laws. It also didn’t help that they were both strapped for cash. Nikki’s next pay-day wasn’t until after the picnic, and Jonesy got fired three times that week!
“Don’t sweat it guys…” Wyatt said “Gifts are overrated. I’m sure both your mothers just want you to bring yourselves.”
“This coming from the guy who’s trying to write a new song for his mother…?” Nikki pointed out. Wyatt withdrew his statement.
Caitlin had so many ideas for a gift for her mother she didn’t know where to begin. “I could buy her that special scarf…” she gasped excitedly “Ooh… that beautiful string of pearls I saw.”
The gang felt Caitlin was overdoing it. Her family was rich and her mom pretty much had a lot of those things already. Caitlin then noticed a Popsicle stick on the bar of the lemon. “Eww… she groaned.” Where did this come from?”
“Maybe someone just left it there…” I figured.
Jude took it since no one wanted it “I need as many of these little dudes as I can find.” He said and he showed us why– reaching into his backpack he pulled a hand mad small Popsicle stick artwork that was supposed to be a heart shape with the word “Mom” in it. Even though it seemed very poorly made Jude pointed out “But at least I made it… right from the heart. Somethin’ that money just can’t buy.”
“Aw… that’s sweet, Jude.” Jen said “At least your mom might know your heart was in the right place.”
This didn’t make Jonesy or Nikki feel any better. “I seriously need ideas here. If I don’t at least try to find a mother’s day gift for Miranda and Emma, I don’t know what’s going to happen?”
His wife covered her ears in frustration. “Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!” she sneered “I’m trying to think…!” and she walked off for a little space.
Poor Nikki and Jonesy were really taking this hard, but we had a feeling that everything was going to be okay between then and their moms, it usually always turned out that way.
The others then asked me if I was going to be okay on Sunday… since my mother was dead, I really didn’t have a right to show up at the Mother’s day picnic.
“I don’t worry about me…” I said “I get through this all the time. My brother and Sophie are coming over on the weekend and I’m going to spend the day with them.” Then I got up “I’m going to work, ciao.” and walked off.
The others knew I would be okay, but they still couldn’t help but feel a little sad for me since I never knew my mother. In fact, I did too I at times…
You could see it behind my shades as I walked through the mall, and seeing all the posters for the picnic and lots of kids walking with their moms, even the two nerdy men calling up their mothers on the pay phone… it made me sigh softly.
“Intro theme”
Jonesy… Caitlin… Wyatt… Jen… Jude… Nikki… Mykan
Jonesy… Caitlin… Wyatt… Jen… Jude… Nikki… Mykan
Now that we’re through with school
We get to make all the rules,
Spend more time with all my friends.
Always hanging together
In a place where we grew up
I’m 7teen…
I have found my own way
I love my job and I live at the mall today
And I am on my own now and forever.
I’m… 7teen
Life was sweet,
Though we grew up way to fast
Still the memories will last.
Jonesy… Caitlin… Wyatt… Jen… Jude… Nikki… Mykan
Jonesy… Caitlin… Wyatt… Jen… Jude… Nikki… Mykan
1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6…
I’m 7teen… 7TEEN
Still the memories will last.
Jonesy… Caitlin… Wyatt… Jen… Jude… Nikki… Mykan
Author’s notes:
-To those who haven’t read “Mrs. Jonesy & Mr. Nikki” (Jonesy and Nikki’s wedding fic) Brandon is the name I gave Jonesy’s dad, and Alex and Miranda are Nikki’s folks. They were never named in the show… so I did it myself.
7teen: Unaired mother’s day ep – How I met my mother