❯ 7teen: Unaired mother’s day ep – How I met my mother ( Chapter 1 )

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Wyatt was practicing his song for his mother’s gift, but having a little trouble with the lyrics, and the music, and everything else. “Maybe I should’ve just gotten her flowers…” he said.
Jen had gotten her mom a special card and got all the family members to sign it, baby Emma even left a little handprint of green baby-food as her mark. “I still think that’s lame.” Jonesy said “A typical card…? Come on!”
“Well at least I got her something.” snapped Jen “You still don’t have an idea of what to get her, or your mother-in-law.”
Jonesy walked right into that one, and he decided to look for a new job quick, but this time it wouldn’t be easy, even for him. Near mother’s day a lot of the stores in the mall weren’t hiring as the managers were going off to be with their mothers, and others were hep to wise of last minute people looking for a quick job just to get a gift. They wouldn’t tolerate such workers.
Jonesy was running out of options and time! He had to find something and fast, but eventually her sagged down on a mall bench and sulked. “I am so dead…!” he cried to himself. No sooner did he start banging his head with his fist did Ron come along. “What’s goin’ on here?” he asked. “As if loitering weren’t bad enough, you gotta show signs of mental insanity or clubbin’ yourself?”
“Ah, knock it off!” growled Jonesy, and he explained to Ron what his problem was. “Son… I know how you feel.” Ron said “I remember in my young days, when my old man went off to war, I assumed position of man-of-the-house. My mother the most important thing in the world to me, and I took care of her like a soldier takes care of his comrades, and then one day… there was a knock at our door… it was one of my old man’s comrades who came and delivered that horrible news to us, and my mother… was so devastated that she… kicked the can with a busted ticker, Son!”
Ron clenched his fists and his teeth hard as he held his emotions in. “Whoa…!” said Jonesy “That’s deep.”
Ron nodded, “Son… you don’t know how much I envy you. I’d give anything to have just to have a taste of what it’s like to have a mother!”
This gave Jonesy a perfect idea…! In almost no time he set up a small stand and a banner that said “Rent a Mom” and Jonesy stood on the table speaking into a megaphone encouraging people to sign up.
Lots of motherless women, or mothers who would be with their children for mother’s day signed up, and so did a lot of people who had no moms or whose moms just couldn’t be there. Even Ron signed up and he got to have his match perfectly.
I saw everything. “Wow…” I said “Jonesy, I never thought I’d say this, but I think you’ve done a good thing.”
“No joke.” Jonesy said “At twenty bucks a rental, I’ve made a bundle!” He then encouraged me to sign up, but I refused. As much it was tempting, I just didn’t feel like doing it. I didn’t want to really have such a good time and then lose it all. I wanted to really experience what it was like to have a real mom, but that would never happen with me…
“Well, have a good one.” I said as I walked off. As I walked away more and more people crowded around Jonesy’s stand and I watched from afar. I couldn’t help but chuckle. A middle-aged woman was standing near me also admiring Jonesy’s work. She seemed a polite woman, with shoulder length brown hair, yet she wore a scarf over her head like a hood.
“That young man’s certainly being sweet to others.” she said.
“He sure is.” I said “Are you going to sign up?” I asked the woman
“Oh, no…” the woman chuckled “I’d rather not have a rented child. It reminds me too much of my sons.”
She reached into her pocket and pulled out an old picture taken of her two sons. One of them was a baby and the other looked about seven years old. The picture was a little faded but I couldn’t help but notice the older brother looked familiar to me. “I haven’t seen them for almost twenty years.” The woman told me “I never got to know my newborn son.”
“What did you name him?” I asked her.
“Mykan.” she said.
“Really…?” I said “That’s my name.”
The woman smiled in surprise “My, that is a coincidence.” she said and she pointed to her older son and said “And that’s my eldest, Danny.”
My heart skipped a beat. “That’s… my brother’s name.” I said softly. The woman blinked once, and gazed at me. I just had to ask her things like… “Did you live in a slum…? Was your husband an alcoholic abuser…? Is your last-name Spotswood?”
The woman began to feel strange. “Y-Y…Yes…” she said “But… how do you know that…”
There was only one possible explanation. I lifted up my shades and looked the woman deep in the eyes, though my face was turned away from others, she recognized my eyes like her baby’s eyes way back then.
I felt the most extreme rush to my head, heart, my whole body was churning, and ever so slowly my lips twitched open as I muttered the single word “…Mom?!”
“Mykan…?!” she said to me.
A moment of extreme silence followed, and I just… keeled over backwards and fell flat on the floor completely blacking out.
Author’s notes:
Wow… just wow… even I’m feeling shocked, and I’m the one who’s writing this and thought it up.
But now you see why I’m not so sure I want this to be an actual ep. Until now Mykan’s mother had always been dead… if this happens, I’ll have to rewrite so much, and I can’t remember many of the fics that mention this.
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