❯ 7teen: The Judettes – Intro: Special DUH-livery ( Prologue )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
One day at the rink, Jude was in his workshop, tuning the Zamboni and talking to his Starr, his fiancée, over his phone. “I know…” he chuckled “And the way at the end of the movie when Tony flips on his board like that– How is that even possible, brah?”
Starr gave Jude some nerdy calculations and spoke in words he didn’t quite understand. “Oh… um… yeah… Right on.” Jude said pretending he understood.
Just then, there was a knock at his workshop door. “…Gotta go, brah. Love ya.” And he blew a kiss into the phone, hung it up, and answered the door. It was a man dressed in a delivery suit. “Hey, I’m looking for the manager.” he said.
“That’s me, dude. What’s happenin’?”
The man held out the clipboard to Jude saying his delivery had come. “Awe-ha-some…!” Jude said as he signed his name with such glee. “Ahem…!” the man said and held out his hand expecting Jude to tip. As usual, Jude misunderstood and slapped him a five with his hand. The man sighed and grumbled as he left. “Teenage managers… what, a joke…!”
Several large boxes were brought in, and Jude was so excited that he called the whole gang over to witness his great movement. All of us came over to the rink with curiosity. “So, why are we here again…?” asked Nikki “And what’s with all the boxes?” Wyatt asked.
“Dudes and Lady Dudes… you are about to witness the dawning of a new age for Ice Rink Rally.” Jude happily announced, and explained that a week ago he sent out an order for T-shirts just like his– beige in color with the same red marking on them. “From now on… anyone who skates here at my rink will have the option of purchasing a fine imitation of my glorious shirt, for the low price of five extra bucks.”
Caitlin was usually leaping with glee at the sound of anything fashionable, but she had to ask. “Why did you make it of your shirt?”
Jonesy gazed at her and went “Seriously? This is Jude we’re talking about. Everybody knows and loves him. I think I may buy one of them.” He reached into his wallet, to find it empty. “Oh right, I got fired before I was paid.”
“Sucks to be you then…” Jen teased.
Jude tugged and pulled trying to open the boxes. “Uh, Jude… here, let me.” I said, and I managed to open the boxes with ease, and I got a good look at the shirts. “Uh, Jude…” I said “You might want to look at this.”
Jude came over and looked inside. “Cha?!” he cried when he noticed the shirts were smaller in size than his, and didn’t even look fit for a guy.
We all opened the rest of the boxes only to discover the same thing. All the shirts were smaller than Jude’s and not very manly fitting. “Dude…! Like what happened?” Jude asked. He tried to put one of the shirts on, but it wasn’t quite his fit. He even got a little stuck. It took me, Jen and Jonesy to pull it off him. “How can shirts just shrink like that?” Jude asked.
Wyatt read the label on of the boxes. “Order: One Thousand Female sized replica T-shirts.”
Female size… that’s what we all heard. Jude had that look of extreme shock he got, and only got when he was about to blow. We all counted backwards– “Three… Two… One…!”
Jude fell to his knees and went. “NO!!”
“Intro theme”
Jonesy… Caitlin… Wyatt… Jen… Jude… Nikki… Mykan
Jonesy… Caitlin… Wyatt… Jen… Jude… Nikki… Mykan
Now that we’re through with school
We get to make all the rules,
Spend more time with all my friends.
Always hanging together
In a place where we grew up
I’m 7teen…
I have found my own way
I love my job and I live at the mall today
And I am on my own now and forever.
I’m… 7teen
Life was sweet,
Though we grew up way to fast
Still the memories will last.
Jonesy… Caitlin… Wyatt… Jen… Jude… Nikki… Mykan
Jonesy… Caitlin… Wyatt… Jen… Jude… Nikki… Mykan
1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6…
I’m 7teen… 7TEEN
Still the memories will last.
Jonesy… Caitlin… Wyatt… Jen… Jude… Nikki… Mykan