❯ 7teen: Substitue – Teach the teach ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Even Nikki helped us to show Jonesy what it meant to be a good teacher.
The first thing he had to keep in mind was the students were just kids, and lots of things were new to them so they wouldn’t know all that much about skating and things. Also, they weren’t as tall, fast, or as strong as we were. This was why it was important to take small steps and teach them basic things instead of things meant from pros.
When you teach someone something, no matter how basic or complicated as it seemed, you weren’t supposed to just tell them what you want them to do, but show them how to do it, and take it slow and easy so they’ll have a chance to understand, and use words that they would understand.
Easily, the most important thing of all… “Say something encouraging.”
The reason I showed off my hopscotch dance to my class, was not exactly to teach them how to do it, but to give them encouragement that if they practiced hard enough, someday they’d be able to move like I did.
The next day, was the last day to practice before our college reviews, and Jonesy decided “It’s now or never. Come on, big guy! You can do this!” he said to himself. Nikki pecked her husband on the cheek for luck.
Jonesy first apologized to the kids, and promised that if they gave him one more chance, he’d really teach them properly this time. “Okay. Cool!” one of the kid’s simply said.
As expected, Jonesy did do much better, and guided the kids a lot better than he did before…
“When you stand on the board, use your arms and your body to try and balance yourself.”
“Put more pressure in your feet so you won’t slip as easy.”
“Not bad. Not bad at all… even I didn’t know anything at the start and neither did Jude.”
Before long, the kids were doing much well than when they first started. They were skating with ease and turning without falling off. One of them even managed to skate rings around two nerdy guy adults. One dropped his coffee, “Oh! Oh dear! Oh my…!”
And the other couldn’t keep his balance “Uh…! Ah…! Oh…!” and fell down like a tree.
The student smiled and Jonesy gave him a high thumb up.
The following night, our college professors allowed some of us to hold our projects demonstrations live at the mall. Caitlin went first, and she held a fashion walk, and all her students actually dazzled the crowds with their outfits, posture, and facial expressions.
Wyatt’s class went next, and they actually played one of Wyatt’s real songs thanks to all their practicing.
My group went next. It started out with me standing alone on stage and singing a very small verse to a musical number.
(Music form “Today’s Special- Wheels”)
(Sounds like Jeff Hyslop)
In the night there’s magic
Have you ever dreamed of wandering through a mall?
When the doors are locked… and the sun goes down.
And there’s no one left… except your friends around…
That’s when the kids joined me on stage and we danced and twirled like professional choreographers. The crowds applauded and we weren’t even finished yet.
By the music’s end, the kids stopped dancing and waved goodbye as I stepped forward and wrapped up the show…
In the night there’s magic
Have you ever dreamed… of wandering through… a ma-a-a-a-a-all—
The crowd applauded again as me and my students took a bow.
Now, Jonesy was up, but his presentation was too big and wide for the stage, so everyone turn their attention to behind and the cleared atrium which was set up as an obstacle course.
“Okay, kids… this is what we trained for.” Jonesy said.
“For, like, one hour?” snapped one of the kids.
Jonesy was about to crack, but keeping in mind of what we taught him of being a good teacher. “Look… let’s just go out there and try our best. If we don’t do well, at least we tried.”
The kids took their places at one of three starting lines by each of the courses, and off they went, skating around pylon-cones, through tunnels, and even leaping off small ramps. They spun around and kicked their boards back up for a perfect finish.
The class got the loudest cheer of all the acts, and the students walked over to Jonesy and told him to come and take a bow. So he did, and Jonesy caught a glimpse of us all waving at him, and even… “Jude!”
“Dude…! What are you doing here?” Jonesy asked.
Jude spoke in a loud whisper, “Doc says I can come out of bed, but I gotta take it easy, my throat’s still a little bad. Besides… I see you taught the mini-dudes and bras well.”
“Well he did have some help…” I said as the rest of us came over, but we all were Glad to have Jude with us again, and each of us congratulated Jonesy for not screwing up. The only problem was Jude couldn’t pay Jonesy anything, “Sorry, man! Need the money for throat medicine.”
Somehow, we all had a feeling Jonesy was going to be busted… as usual.
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