❯ 7teen: Substitue – Now he gets it? ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
The next day, things didn’t go so well either during classes… for Jonesy anyway.
Caitlin’s class, which was a few girls, already understood how to judge senses of fashion and developed senses of style. Wyatt’s class was already starting to play ordinary kiddy tunes on their guitars. Jen’s pee-wee basketball teams were already for their first matches at their respective schools.
Her professor was very, very pleased with her progress, and so was mine… My dance class was already turning into a team of regular twinkle-toes with such grace and posture.
…But Jonesy…!
His class was doing pretty sloppy; some of the students could barely even skate forward. “No, no, no!” snapped Jonesy “You did it all wrong…”
“Whoa, like, chill…!” snapped one of the students.
“What did we do now?” snapped another “You told us to skate forward.”
“But you didn’t do any of the moves.” Growled Jonesy, “All you did was wiggle around and cry… “Whoa… I’m gonna fall. Look, let me show you again.” He hopped on his board, and tried to leap over a bench, but ended up falling in the fountain.
The kids were very upset with Jonesy, and were thinking of deciding on, “Sorry man… but I think you’re just, like… too much.” and they left.
Jonesy sat on a bench watching me and my dance class from afar, when Nikki came along. “What, early recess?” she asked. Her husband said nothing. “It went that bad, didn’t it?”
Jonesy sighed, “I don’t get it. Jude said they were such good students but when I’m around the suck worse than a straw with holes in it.”
They continued to watch me and my class, and were surprised to see that I was teaching the kids how to dance using hopscotch mats, and just simple kiddy songs would play. You’d think all we were doing were just playing games.
“Okay, class, now watch me.” I said as I started to simply hop along the mat to pop-goes-the-weasel. Jonesy and Nikki laughed softly and thought I looked really silly, but then… the music changed and the pop-goes-the-weasel played in a remixed, cooler version as hopped along the board in a dancing way. I leapt, twisted, turned, even spun around several times and kept to the beat.
“Wow!” exclaimed Nikki. “Just, Wow!”
“How is he doing that?” asked Jonesy, and he didn’t mean how I was able to move like that, but rather how my class was applauding and really looking up to me. After I dismissed the kids, I saw Jonesy and Nikki and walked over. “I guess you saw all that?” I asked.
Nikki, for once, didn’t have any sarcastic quotes for what she saw, and Jonesy asked. “How do you do it, man?” and he told me what he meant before I go into detail, which immediately told me things didn’t go well with his class.
“I don’t get it!” cried Jonesy “I did everything that Jude and you guys would normally do, why can’t those kids just be good students.”
Nikki and I could see this called for something drastic. “Jonesy, I think I have an idea.” said Nikki, and she made some calls.
Before long, the whole gang and I were holding skateboards, and wearing helmets and pads. “I know I am going to regret this.” snapped Jen. “Come on…! What’s the worst that could happen?” asked Wyatt, but then he realized, “What am I talking about?”
“Okay, Jonesy… ” I said “Pretend we’re your students, and teach us how to skateboard.”
Jonesy really couldn’t see how this would help, and figured we were all wasting our time, but it actually didn’t take long for us to realize the problem. Caitlin could barely stand on roller-blades, let alone a skateboard, she fell off easily.
Wyatt had a hard time balancing, and Nikki and Jen were barely able to skate forward. I could skate forward, but I couldn’t turn, jump, or even stop and I kept crashing. We were all angrier than hurt… angry at Jonesy, because every time we messed up he really let us have it. “You guys are like amateurs.”
“That’s because we ARE amateurs.” snapped Caitlin.
“And your advice hasn’t exactly been enlightening. either.” growled Wyatt. “All you’ve been doing us it what you want us to do, but you never explained how to do it.”
“What…?” snapped Jonesy. “I thought you’d know how. You see Jude do all these cool stunts all the time.”
“Jonesy…!” snapped Nikki, “Just because we see him do it doesn’t that we know how to do it. I mean, can you do any of Jude’s super stunt moves yourself?”
Jonesy would’ve acted big and brash, but he realized, even he couldn’t do some of Jude’s special moves. “It was the kids… it was me. I’m a lousy teacher. Whoa! I should so be fired.”
“Now he gets it?” groaned Nikki
Wyatt put his hand on Jonesy’s shoulder. “How about instead of firing yourself, you take a few tips from us.
Normally it was against Jonesy’s macho penal-code to do this, but he accepted our offer for help. “But I don’t want to be hearing about this all over the mall or on campus.”
Author’s notes:
What inspired me for Mykan’s dance class…?
Go to YouTube, and search “Today’s Special Games” and watch part two.
It was watching Jeff Hyslop do his hopscotch dance that got me going for this. I think it’s cool.
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