❯ 7teen: Substitue – Jonesy takes over ( Chapter 1 )

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The next day, Jude woke up feeling very dizzy, and cold with the shivers, then he felt really hot and sweaty, and his throat was very, very, sore. “Dude…!” he groaned in a raspy voice. “I think I’m sick…!”
Nevertheless, he wanted to head to the mall, because he couldn’t let his skating students down, he waited outside for the bus, but when the bus came, Jude had barely taken a step forward to get in, when he collapsed.
The rest of the gang, except for me since I wasn’t there, had dashed outside to help Jude, and told the driver to just go along. “Jude! You look terrible.” cried Caitlin.
Jude felt so dizzy, he was seeing three Caitlins. “And you three look fine too…” he said.
“Let’s get him inside.” Wyatt said.
Caitlin called her mom, and she came over at once. She examined Jude, and he defiantly had a fever, and was suffering from tonsillitis, and he needed to be operated on immediately. They all drove to the hospital and Jude was put to surgery, while the others waited and called to tell me what was going on.
I arrived at the hospital, just in time as the guys were on their way to Jude’s room after his surgery. Jude was just waking up. His infected tonsils were gone, but he still felt woozy and his throat was still sore, as Dr. Cooke told him.
Jude was to get plenty of rest, eat plenty of proper foods, like soup, and drink plenty of fluids, but most of all he wasn’t permitted to speak, or go to work for at least a week. Jude’s mouth dropped open in shock, but he didn’t make a sound.
“But how is Jude supposed to teach his class?” asked Wyatt
“Well, I called our Profs…” I said “If we can find someone else to take over Jude’s project for him he’ll still get the credit.”
Jude reached for his cell-phone, and texted us all, a she couldn’t speak. “What am I gonna do…? I gotta find someone and fast.
Dr. Cooke told Jude to get some rest, and instructed the rest of us to leave him. “Okay. Thanks Mom.” said Caitlin as we all left.
I drove everyone back to the mall in my car, and we headed for the lemon before most of us had to teach our classes. “Poor Jude.” cried Caitlin “I hope he gets better soon.”
“Well he won’t get better in time, that’s for sure.” Wyatt pointed out “Our projects are due in a few days.”
“Ooh… not good.” remarked Nikki.
Jonesy actually showed sympathy. He felt bad for Jude, and wished there was someone who could take his place, and then. “Uh, oh… he’s got that look in his eyes again.” Jen said “I do not.” Jonesy protested “But I am thinking of taking over for Jude.”
Jen slammed her head face-down in irradiation. “Ugh!”
“Jonesy, are you sure about this?” I asked.
“No…” Jonesy said, “But I don’t want let Jude down.”
As sweet as we all thought of that, we still didn’t really support Jonesy’s idea of looking after a class of kids. So we called, or rather texted Jude to see what he said, and Jude responded almost at once.
“I’ll pay ya fifty bucks…”
“Well, that’s all I need.” Jonesy said “Excuse me. I’m off to meet my class.” and he went off, “Unbelievable.” groaned Nikki. Sometimes, she couldn’t believe she was married to him.
Classes went on as usual, and Jonesy already made arrangements with Jude’s professor that he’d take over.
“Yo’, like… where’s Jude…?” asked one of the students.
“Jude can’t make it, but he sent me instead.” said Jonesy, “You are looking at your new skating instructor.” And he tried to fling his skateboard to his hands, but ended conking himself in the head, “Uhn…!”
The students blinked once. “Wow! This oughta be fun.” One of them said.
By the end of class time, we all met up again at the lemon, and Jonesy came back, with a few red bumps on his head and a small bruise on his arm. “What happened to you?” asked Jen.
Jonesy tried to kick his board up into his arms again, only to get conked in the head again. “Does that answer your question?” he groaned.
“Aw…! Poor Jonesy…” Nikki teased.
“Surprise…! Surprise! First day’s not going well.” added Wyatt.
It was bad enough that Jonesy still didn’t know as much as Jude did about skateboarding like a pro, “But those kids couldn’t seem to do a single thing right.” he said “They were barely able to do a correct stance.”
“Jonesy, they’re just kids.” I said.
Caitlin was about to explain to him, but we all urged her not to. It would be much better for Jonesy to learn what we meant the hard way.
We all headed to Jude’s to check-up on him. He was still very sore, and still forced to be texting us to speak. We brought him a get well card, and Caitlin was sweet enough to bring Jude flowers. Fake ones, as his room smelled a little too unfriendly due to Jude’s lack of hygiene and would most likely wilt real flowers.
“How was class?” he texted to Jonesy.
Seeing as Jonesy didn’t want to alarm Jude, and neither did the rest of us, we simply lied to Jude that everything was going fine, and the kids missed him. They even sent him a card which said… “Get well soon… PLEASE!!”
Jude only felt the kids said “PLEASE!!” because they really missed him… if he only knew the real reason.
As we all left Jude’s place to head home, we all cast a look at Jonesy. “What…? Is this about the kids? I can handle it.”
“We’re sure you can…” Nikki said “We might even do better.” she muttered to herself.
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