❯ 7teen: Pity Date – What it really is ( Chapter 3 )

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“Caitlin… Mykan can’t be “the one” Jen repeated herself for a third time, but Caitlin refused to listen and insisted “Why not? He’s hot, and sweet, talented, and runs his own business. He’s the perfect guy material.”
“Uh… given the fact he already has a girlfriend doesn’t quite make him perfect for you.” Wyatt said.
“Seriously bra… you’re startin’ to creep me out.” added Jude.
Caitlin, still not taking any notice, decided to call me, and maybe ask me out on another date…
My phone rang, “Hello…? Hey, Cait…!” we talked a moment “Yeah last night was pretty fun.”
“What… again…? Oh sorry, as much as that sounds like fun, I’m going to visit Amelie tonight. I got to go.” And then I hung up.
Caitlin winced softly “Why would he want to go see Amelie?” she asked.
“Uh… for the fourth time…” Jen said “Because she’s his girlfriend… The woman he loves. His “The one”
Caitlin clenched her teeth and crushed a lemon in her other hand. “We’ll see about this!” she said and she ran off. The others chased after her knowing this was only going to get worse.
Meanwhile, Jonesy had just comforted one last upset girl who had just been dumped and patted her on the shoulder as she cried “There-there!” he said “Be strong… he’s too good for you. You’ll find another and you’ll show him.”
The girl wiped her eyes and smiled at him in thanks. Jonesy turned to head back to the counter and almost bumped right into Nikki “Whoa, hey honey.” Jonesy said, but his wife didn’t look impressed and folded her arms “Don’t you honey me!” she snapped “You’ve got some explaining to do.”
“Why? What’s there to explain?” Jonesy asked
“What do you think?” snapped Nikki hinting at all the girls. “What? Them?” Jonesy said. He got the hint right away. “You’re not jealous are you?”
Nikki looked like she was going to explode as she angrily tugged on her hair “Ugh! You just don’t get it, do you? How can you show all this care and… “Oh I feel so sorry for you” on all these other girls.”
“You think I can’t show a little sympathy?” her husband said.
“No…! Just shut up a second.” Jonesy went on to explain that he knew what it felt like to be dumped before, having dated the most girls out of most people, and he had seen others take it way worse than he did… the worst of the worst was when he and Nikki broke up after their first try at being a couple, and then when they almost broke up against before she moved to Nunavut for a year, and they maintained a long distance relationship, but it was still hard for him.
“Nikki… I feel lucky to have you, but a lot of these chicks may not feel the same, and may never experience that luck you and I had. That’s why I want to show them they aren’t alone, that I’ve been through the same as them, and hey… ice cream can sure do the trick.”
Nikki began to feel pretty bad, and she had forgotten that even Jonesy was capable of showing sympathy and super mushy niceness at times, even if they were so often. “I guess I have been acting a little jealous, and dumb.” Nikki said.
Jonesy could tell his wife was feeling bad “Well… I think I have just the thing.” And before long he had brought before Nikki a special sundae, one that resembled her looks…
Purple bubble-gum flavored ice-cream drizzled with hot fudge to resemble her hair with green M&Ms sprinkled about to resemble her piercings, but… a large heart-shaped chocolate was placed at the top for… what else…. “To show you how much I love you.”
His wife smiled and they were about to kiss, when both their phones rang. Jen was calling Nikki and Jude calling Jonesy to warn them about Caitlin and they needed help. Nikki and Jonesy dashed out of there in a heartbeat. “Just hold that thought…” Jonesy said. His wife smiled.
The others had warned me in advance that Caitlin was on her way, and at that very moment, she had me cornered in my own store and was gazing at me with crazy eyes. “Caitlin!” I cried “Don’t do this…”
“But I want it… and I know you do.” Caitlin said “Perfect guy… you said you loved me.” She lunged for me and leapt over the counter and out of the way. Suddenly the gang came into the store, and the guys held her back. “Perfect guy…!” Caitlin kept crying “Perfect guy!”
Even with all three of the guys holding her back, Caitlin was proving to be a bit hard to handle. “Du-hude!” cried Jude “How is she doin’ this?!”
Wyatt knew Caitlin for being surprisingly strong for a girl her size, especially when she was determined. Caitlin also knew how to fight dirty and hit the guys right in their pride. All three of them fell to their knees howling in such pain, and Caitlin began coming towards me again. “Come on, Mykan!” she said “You said you loved me.”
I was totally cornered now, and I would’ve been taken by her for sure if Jen and Nikki hadn’t remembered Caitlin’s one fatal weakness whenever she was in a crazy mood. They jumped right up in front of her and held up a mirror in front of her face. “Caitlin…! Look at yourself!” Jen said.
One gaze at her reflection and the way she was acting like a zombie, Caitlin snapped out of it. “Oh my god!” she cried “What’s happening to me?”
“Uh… you were trying to move in on Mykan.” Nikki said
It all came back to her now, including the fact that I had in fact said that I loved her… but as a friend! “Oh, Mykan… I’m so sorry.” She fell to her knees in shame and felt tears coming to her eyes. She was acting more like she was afraid… afraid of her own self.
I approached her calmly “Caitlin…! Caitlin…!” I held her chin and lifted her face gently. “I love you as a friend, and I hate seeing you like this. Remember?”
Caitlin remembered and she hugged me and softly began to cry, but she was crying out of happiness, not shame or fear. I hugged her back and Jen and Nikki joined us in a group hug. The guys, however, were still on the floor clutching their sore prides, but they did manage to smile weakly but happily.
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