❯ 7teen: Pity Date – The date ( Chapter 2 )

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It all started when I asked Caitlin what movie she felt like seeing, instead of dragging her to a movie I wanted see, and when we got to the concession stands to get our snacks and sodas, I offered to pay for the whole thing, but then Caitlin insisted she pay for it. So I compromised with her, we both paid.
I also showed Caitlin the joys of sitting all the way in the back row. That way you could see the full screen without having to tilt you head up or move around. No one was sitting behind you… the nearest people were five rows down, and while no one was looking you could put your feet up on the seats in front of you. Caitlin tried it and she never felt so comfortable before.
The movie played, and there were some super romance scene, but also heartbreaking tear-jerking scenes. Caitlin was having a hard time keeping her emotions back, but I handed her some extra napkins for her to wipe her tears with. Another act of extreme kindness some of the guys she dated never did.
After the movie, we left the theater. Caitlin blew her nose and wiped the rest of her tears away. “That ending was so sad!” she cried.
“Sure was…” I said “It makes you realize that things like these can happen in real life to real people.” We smiled at each other and complimented that the movie was still good, but even though we had just had snacks, we were still pretty hungry, so we decided to get some dinner.
“Where do you want to go?” she asked me.
“I don’t know. Where do you want to go?” I asked back.
That was another thing Caitlin thought sweet of me– asking her where she wanted to eat instead of dragging her to someplace most likely she thought less of. Still, not wanting to make a big deal of it, we headed for El Sportos.
As usual… the waitress was grumpy with us, but she did take our orders. Caitlin and I talked a lot, and I held onto to a lot of things she said, when most guys just nodded their heads like a yes-man, when they really had totally zoned out.
I began to understand Caitlin in a while new way, especial her desperation to find “The One” that’s why she let her hair grow longer as it made her more attractive to many other guys. “You know, looks aren’t everything.” I said to her. “I’m not one to just judge people by how they look.”
Caitlin knew what I meant, Amelie was the prettiest girl in the mall, which was why lots of boys drooled over her, but I saw her for more than her looks. Her smarts, maturity, kindness, strong mind. What wasn’t there to love about her? “And you’re just like that, too.” I said to Caitlin. “You may be pretty, but you are pretty smart at times too, and you certainly do have that certain level of care of lovingness most girls wouldn’t dare to show.”
Hearing those words made Caitlin gaze at me almost in a heavenly manner. “He’s so sweet and caring.” she thought to herself “Almost perfect boyfriend material.” She was so lost in her thoughts that she had completely forgotten that we were just on a pity date, and I already had a steady girlfriend.
On the last part of our date, we hung out at the amusement park, and we did ride the vomit-comet– three times straight, and we played some of the games, and I won Caitlin a giant stuffed dog to add to her collection. She pecked on the cheek for that, and I could tell that I had succeeded in ridding her of her blues, but on our way out after a long night of fun and games, Caitlin accidently bumped into a big bullying guy who spilled his soda all over her. The guy didn’t even say sorry and rudely demanded that Caitlin apologize and buy him a new soda.
“Hey!” I snapped at him. “It was an accident. Now apologize to her!”
Everyone around us turned to face us expecting a fight about to commence. The bully rolled up his sleeves ready for a big one. “Ya know what…? I don’t like your attitude!”
“Mykan…!” cried Caitlin, but I just stood there continuing to defend her. “This is your last chance. You going to apologize or what…?”
The bully charged at me ready to pummel me into dirt, but all I had to do was sidestep out of the way, and the clumsy oath ran right past me, skidding on the slippery floor made by his spilled soda and falling into the dunking-booth. Everyone laughed at him, but the man behind the booth was furious and was going enforce punishment on the bully.
Other applauded for me for sticking up for Caitlin like that. Finally, I decided to drive Caitlin home, myself, so she didn’t have to take the bus all drenched in soda and carrying her stuffed dog.
Caitlin couldn’t remember the last time she had such a wonderful date. “Well like I said… I love you and hate seeing you upset.” I turned and smiled at her “I’m real glad to seeing your smiling again.”
I did love Caitlin, but only as a friend, but I hadn’t said that, and Caitlin she was finally so deep in her warm feelings she was starting to feel different.
The next day, I hadn’t shown up at the lemon yet. Nikki was still being a sourpuss because when Jonesy had phoned her the other night, for their usual husband and wife conversation over the phone before bed. “All he talked about was the many girls he served at work.” She growled and crushed her drink. “Ugh! That’s it… I’m going to go talk with him!” and before the others could anything, she was gone.
“Wow! Jonesy’s in for it now…” Wyatt said.
Caitlin was still sighing heavenly. “Whoa! I take it you and Mykan had fun last night?” Jen asked.
“Ahh… it was spectacular.” Caitlin said “The way he asked me things instead of pretending to listen or be interested, and standing up for me.”
“Dude’s one in a million.” Jude said.
“Yeah, Mykan’s pretty cool.” Wyatt said.
“He’s better than cool.” Caitlin said “He’s got to be “The One”
The others froze and their eyes bulged. Wyatt almost swallowed his coffee down the wrong way. “Did she just say…?” Jen said
“The one?” added Wyatt.
“About… Mykan?!” cried Jude and just the look on Caitlin’s face and her constantly sighing told them… Yes! She was hooked, and this defiantly was not a good thing!
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