❯ 7teen: Pity Date – Poor Caitlin ( Chapter 1 )

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We brought Caitlin to the ice cream parlor, and Jonesy fixed up a special sundae just for her, with extra hot fudge. “I call it… the down in the dumpsdae.” He gloated, but as creative as that sounded Caitlin was as gloomy as ever and slowly began to eat.
“How bad was it?” Jen asked.
Caitlin explained she finally landed a date with Alex, from Willow’s and Williams, because they both had a thing about art. He was a cute guy, but after that single date, “He said…” and Caitlin lowered her voice to sound more like him “Sorry Caitlin… but I don’t it work between us.”
“Ouch…!” remarked Wyatt “That is ice cold!”
“What a creep!” I added “What kind of guy just has one date with a girl and never thinks again?”
Jonesy nervously put his hand up. Nikki shook her head, “Don’t we all remember.”
Still, remembering Jonesy’s womanizing ways only made Caitlin feel droopier. He had just as many dates as she did and had just as many dumps, yet he and Nikki were married. He found his “The One”
“Ain’t it the truth?” Jonesy said gazing upon his wife with love. Nikki gazed back at him and smiled they pecked each other… right then. “Not helping, guys.” Jen said.
Wyatt, Jude, and I didn’t know what to say. Jude was engaged to Starr and Wyatt and I were both in super steady relationships with Amelie and Serena, though Jude and Wyatt knew what it felt like to be dumped, it wasn’t the same as Caitlin’s long list of being dumped, not even Jen. She had only been dumped the fewest times.
“Don’t worry, Caitlin. I’m sure you’ll find the right guy someday.” Jen said.
“Yeah… like almost never.” Caitlin said.
Strangely enough, Caitlin wasn’t the only girl feeling droopy in the chops. Another girl who’s boyfriend recently broke up with her, sat down at another table, crying her heart out. “Uh oh… Excuse me.” Jonesy said.
“Where’s he going?” I asked, and we soon got our answer as Jonesy quickly gave the crying girl a sundae to cheer her up and gave her extra napkins for her to dry her eyes, and gave her a kind pat on the back. “There-There!” he said “Just let it all out, and you’ll better soon.”
The girl sniffed once and smiled thankfully at Jonesy, much to Nikki’s shock. “Okay! What was that?” Her husband just showed pity to a girl he didn’t know. “The bra looks pretty bummed.” Jude said.
“He’s probably just trying to show he cares.” Wyatt said, but then he suddenly realized this was Jonesy he was talking about. The once greatest, or not so greatest, womanizer in the mall…
Then gang decided to leave and let Caitlin have some time to her, but I stayed a few minutes longer. I hated seeing so broken up like this. “Hey, Cait…” I asked “How about you and I do something later on together?”
Caitlin looked up. “What…?” she asked, and I told her I originally had a date with Amelie that night, but now that she was sick it had to be cancelled, and I had free time. “But what about Amelie?” Caitlin asked.
“Oh believe me, she understands.” I said “In fact she called me earlier and said she wouldn’t mind if I hung out with some of you guys instead. Besides… you’re my friend, I love you just as the rest of the gang does and I hate seeing you like this. What do you say?”
Caitlin felt a small smile coming to her face. “Well… okay. It’ll be nice to hang with a friend.”
“Great.” I said with a smirk “I’ll call you later.” and then I left. Caitlin sighed and felt I was so kind and sweet towards others… except my enemies.
Later on, when Jonesy went back to work, the guys and I stopped by for a small ice cream break, and found Jonesy hard at work serving lots of customers, most of which were girls who had been dumps and were all weepy and upset, and he continued to comfort them and extend his sympathy, not to mention he was making a good earning of money.
“I wonder why I never reapplied here in the first place.” Jonesy said
“Uh… because you harassed my girlfriend into dating you…” I said.
“You ended up taking Robbie on your date with you and things didn’t go so well…” added Wyatt.
“You threatened to throw your brother in the fountain.” said Jude.
Jonesy rolled his eyes, “Part of me still remembered that anyway.” He shuddered when he remembered the feeling of what Robbie did to the ice cream he ate that time. “Dude… that is nasty and sick.” Jude said.
“Ugh…!” groaned Jonesy “Sometimes I still can taste that horridness!”
That’s when two twin sisters came in, and one of them had just been dumped and her sister was trying to comfort her. Jonesy put on his sympathy act again… and didn’t notice Nikki was watching from afar. “I can’t believe him…!” she said.
Jen came along and could tell, “Wow… someone’s a little jealous.”
“Me…?” said Nikki “No way… why should I be jealous? …Other than the fact that my husband is comforting all those other girls.”
Jen thought it was sweet her brother showing care and kindness, and knew it wouldn’t last. “Don’t let it get to you, Nikki.” Jen said “He’s just trying to help people who are down in the dumps.”
Nikki said she would try but she would make no promises. It still burned her inside.
Meanwhile, I was at the Giganto-Plex waiting for Caitlin for our pity date, and I was talking Amelie on my phone, checking up on her, and she didn’t sound too well, but she thought it was sweet that I was there helping cheer Caitlin up.
“Get well soon, love.” I said “Love you!” and as soon as I hung up Caitlin came along.
“Ready…?” I asked
“Sure. Let’s go.” Caitlin said. We walked hand-in-hand inside, and she was starting to look happier already, but little did I know that things were going to become a little overdone!
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