❯ 7teen: Chillout – Intro: Feelin’ Cold Cold Cold ( Prologue )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
It was cold day in late winter… as if you could call it that. It was super freezing… ice looked warm. The weather reports said that all of Edmonton was locked in one of the worst cold-fronts waves in over fifty years.
Windows and windshields were frosted so bad you could hardly see through them. Inside the mall was freezing, even Nerdy Guy’s glasses were fogged up and he couldn’t see where he was going. “Oh, oh dear… oh my…!” he cried as he walked past Comic Cavern and crashed into a column.
I and some of the gang were inside my store all wearing our parkas and winter gear. “Would you believe it?” Jen said “The coldest day of the year and the mall’s heating system has to blow!”
“Tell me about it…” Nikki complained as she breathed into her hands “I haven’t felt this chilly since I was in Nunavut.”
We all tuned into the weather report on the picture screen, and things didn’t look any better. “Man…!” I groaned “More cold! What’s a guy got to do to warm up here?”
“Take it easy…” Wyatt said “It won’t last forever.”
“Thanks…! Now we can feel better.” Nikki said sarcastically.
We all sighed, and I decided to get back to work, and hope that it would keep my mind off the cold, but when I tried to pick up the mopping bucket from the floor it wouldn’t budge. “Uh oh…” I said as I began heaving with all my might. “It’s stuck!”
Jen came over to give me a hand “Maybe the metal’s frozen to the floor.” We both tugged and pulled and yanked with all our might, and we got the bucket loose, but we both flew backwards. Jen knocked into a shelf spilling all the comic books and figurines to the floor and I fell smack into my display case, shattering the glass cover.
Nikki and Wyatt winced and they helped me and Jen up. “You alright…?” Wyatt asked. Jen and I were fine but, broken glass and parts of my inventory were everywhere. “Oh…!” I groaned as he held my hand over my face in dismay “It’s gonna be a long day! Ah, man…!”
Intro Theme
Jonesy… Caitlin… Wyatt… Jen… Jude… Nikki… Mykan
Jonesy… Caitlin… Wyatt… Jen… Jude… Nikki… Mykan
Now that we’re through with school
We get to make all the rules
Spend more time with all my friends
Always hangin’ together in a place where we grew up!
I’m 7teen…
I have found my own way
I love my job, and I live at the mall today
And I am on my own now and forever

I’m… 7teen.
Life was sweet
Though we grew up way too fast
Still, the memories will last

Jonesy… Caitlin… Wyatt… Jen… Jude… Nikki… Mykan
Jonesy… Caitlin… Wyatt… Jen… Jude… Nikki… Mykan
1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6…
I’m 7teen… 7…TEEN
Still, the memories will last.
Jonesy… Caitlin… Wyatt… Jen… Jude… Nikki… Mykan
7teen: Chillout – Jonesy’s Big Score