❯ 7teen: Chillout – Icing in the Make ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Some of the maintenance workers did manage to make it to the mall, but unfortunately, just as Jonesy knew them, they were rather bumbling and somewhat absent minded. They noticed that all the stickers were missing from the switch labels, but they couldn’t remember which was what, and which needed fixing.
So they decided to just rewire them all…! Bad idea…!
The weather report said that temperature outside had gone up two digress, but to everyone… it may just as well have stayed where it was, it was still so freakishly cold.
Jude decided to work at Stick-It, so he could use his cooker fires for extra heat, and both he and Jen were warming their hands above the flames. “I really needed this…” Jen said “Coach gave me a penalty because I came to work wearing my snow-coat, when he himself was wearing his own.”
“Bummer…!” Jude said
“Wait… it gets better…”
Not only did Jen have to sit through that penalty, but it was so cold that the metal on the doors got stuck together, and when she tried to pries them open, she fell forward and got her tongue stuck and for ten minutes she was like.
“Uhn…! I have never been so humiliated in my life.” she groaned.
“Ah, man!” cried Jude.
“I know. It’s horrible…”
“Not that…” Jude pointed to his cooker and the flames had gone out. He tried to light them again, but nothing happened. Jen took a sniff. “That’s weird… there’s no gas coming from the valve.”
“Hmm…” remarked Jude as he stood up tall and put his rear end to the cooker and let out a huge fart. “Ugh! Jude?!” cried Jen as she tried to fan the smell away from her nose. “Well… it was worth a shot.” Jude said.
The whole gang met back up at the lemon, Nikki and I were last were last to follow after cleaning up the mess for a second time at my store. “Broke it again…?” asked Wyatt “Wow… you two sure have the slip and slides today.” Teased Jonesy, but Nikki weren’t amused. “What…?” Jonesy said.
I just sighed and rested my head on the lemon bar. “Oh, what a day this is turning out to be.” I groaned. Caitlin patted my head trying to comfort me. “Whoa!” I said as I jerked away as her hands were cold. “Sorry…” Caitlin said.
“Hasn’t maintenance fixed the heat yet?” asked Wyatt “It feels like it’s getting colder.”
Jonesy cockily stretched back in his seat “Yeah… but at least it means more people will be showing up at Grinde-Me for some warm coffees.”
We all gazed at him strangely. “You seem to like the fact that it’s still cold.” Jen said “Almost as if you don’t want it to get warmer.”
“Moi…?” Jonesy said “Tch…! I look forward to the warmth coming back as the next frozen dude.” That’s when a row of shivering and chattering men passed by us wishing that the heat would be turned on.
That’s when a whirring sound was heard from the vents. “Ahh… finally…!” groaned Nikki, but much to everyone’s surprise that wasn’t the heat, but rather “The air conditioning…” I snapped. “…On a day like this?”
The mall temperature rapidly shot lower forcing everyone to close their jackets and bundle up more. In fact, it was getting so cold that some of the shoppers decided to head home before things got worse.
Even though Jonesy secretly had a good idea why the AC was turned on, he thought he only sabotaged the heat. Nevertheless “I’m going to go back to work.” He said “There’s bound to be a longer lineup and Grinde-Me now.”
As he left we all kept gazing at him as if he was hiding something, but the increasing coldness took our minds off of it. The lemons by Caitlin already were starting to frost over. “My shades…!” I cried “They’re frosting up!”
We could even see each other’s breath as we spoke. “Dude…!” cried Jude “I don’t know about you, but I’m outta’ here.” and he hoped on his skateboard and was off. Jude always got a good warm up when he skated. “Maybe… w-w-w-we should… do s-s-s-something to warm ourselves up?” Wyatt suggested.
“L-L-Like what…?” chattered Nikki.
“Follow me…” Wyatt said “I got an idea.”
The gang headed off, and I tried to follow them. “Wait for me…” I called. But because I couldn’t see through my frosted shades, I accidently walked right into a garbage can and fell into it. “Oh… gross!” I groaned. At least I hadn’t smashed my display case for a third time, and it was too cold for the smell to be bad
Wyatt brought us all to the backroom at Burger McFlipsters, and he showed us all a trick his grandmother taught him by soaking our feet in vats of hot water. We all felt soothed and comfortable as the warmth seem to spread through our bodies, and it also helped that were weren’t in a wide open area of the mall so whatever heat there was wouldn’t leak out as fast.
“This is so relaxing.” Caitlin sighed “It’s like being at the spa, except there’s no service, or cute guys.”
“At least it’s got no charge.” I said.
As we all sat enjoying the comfort, we all hoped that nothing else would go wrong, yet when Wyatt when to fetch us more hot water… the lights went out. Caitlin let out her trademark screech.
“Nice!” Nikki simply groaned.
We all used the lights form our cellphones so we could see. We put our shoes back on and went outside to see that the lights were off everywhere not just in McFlipsters but the entire mall all together. “This can’t be good.” Jen said feeling worried.
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