❯ The Daughter – Meeting ( Chapter 7 )

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For the second time in as many days, I startled awake to the sound of somebody calling my name.

�What?� I asked, looking wildly around me. I couldn�t see anything at first. Then, as my eyes adjusted, I saw a small lizard on one of the crates.

�Daren?� I asked, warily eyeing the lizard. It nodded. It was extremely weird to watch.

<Yeah, it�s me. I had to morph, and then I had to find you,> he said, sounding relieved.

�How long have you been in morph?� I demanded.

<I�m not sure.>

�Well, demorph, now!� I ordered. I didn�t think I�d been asleep for two hours, but I wasn�t sure.

<Uh, Loren?> he said, sounding embarrassed, <I don�t have my morphing outfit on.>

�Oh,� I said, flushing slightly. �Um, there are a whole bunch of uniforms in the crates. I�ll turn my back, and you can use one of those.�


I turned my back, and waited for him to demorph. After about seven minutes, he called, �Okay, you can turn around now.�

I turned back around. Daren was wearing one of the greyish uniforms. It was way to big for him. I laughed.

�Great fashion statement,� I teased. He grinned back.

�Hey, according to my dad, excessively big was a fashion statement, once,� he shot back. I gave a mock shudder, and we both laughed. Then we froze, as we heard a noise from outside. We listened in silence for a moment or two, hardly daring to breathe. When we didn�t hear anything, we relaxed.

�Get over here, behind the crate,� I ordered Daren. �You�re right in the
line of sight if the door opens.�

�Yes ma�am, sir!� he replied, throwing me a mock salute. He did as he was told, though. He came at sat beside me.

I felt suddenly uneasy, and I could find no reason why. I pretended to scratch an itch on my leg, and move a little bit away.

�So,� I said, basically trying to fill the silence, �what do we do now?�

�You�re asking me?� he replied, sounding startled. �All the ideas so far have been yours.�

�What, so I�m the fountain of wisdom now? Okay, so, the only way off this planet is a space ship, right?�


�Well,� I continued, �we can�t stow away aboard anything, because they have bio-sensors. Not to mention, the security would probably be way to tough. So the only other option is stealing a ship.�

�What?� Daren nearly shouted.

�It�s not quite as crazy as it sounds. We�d go find a couple of Hork-Bajir, knock�em out, acquire them and just walk into one of the ships. I was paying attention when we were being escorted across the landing field, and they leave the Bug fighters unguarded. If we look like we�ve got a right to be there, I doubt they�ll even think twice about us being there.�

For a moment, Daren looked worried, and almost…calculating, and I got that now-familiar feeling that something was wrong. Then he smiled.

�You�re right, it�ll work,� he agreed. �Are your plans alway this brilliant?� he asked, teasing me. I snorted.

�I don�t know. This is my first time in a life-threatening situation. Maybe I only work good under stress,� I said, letting a bit of sarcasm slide into my voice. He smiled a bit more, but didn�t laugh. He put his hand on my shoulder, and my pulse got a bit faster.

�I don�t think so,� Daren said, quietly. �I think you�re one of the most brilliant, beautiful people alive.�

�Oh,� I said, not knowing what I could possibly say to that. He leaned forwards, and so did I, and we kissed.

And in that moment, all the uneasiness, all the feelings of wrongness solidified, and I knew. I pushed him away from me, as hard as I could. He fell backwards and slid away. I scrambled to my feet and grabbed the dracon
beam, pointing it at him as he got to his feet.

�Loren,� he said, looking confused and hurt, exactly as Daren would have. If it had been Daren. �Loren,� he repeated, �what��

I glared at him, angry and sad. But very, very sure of myself. �Yeerk,� I spat.

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The Daughter – Yeerk