❯ Employee of the Month – Lemonade Stall ( Chapter 12 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
The pale boy leaned against a lemonade stand. It was rather simple – a homey kind of thing, reminiscent of one’s youth. Any passersby would have thought this a rather adorable scene, and perhaps, out of pity, have purchased a glass of too-sweet, too-bitter, or completely tasteless lemonade.
Unfortunately, the lemonade stand was placed conveniently at the end of a rather long driveway, leading to a rather (insanely) large house. Also ruining the picture-perfect, well, picture, was the fact that the boy seemed to be about fifteen years of age, and looked absolutely bored. He was, at the moment, studying his nails.
Behind him stood a bodyguard. If one looked very closely, one could perhaps guess that the bodyguard was bored as well. Unfortunately for him, he was not allowed the liberty of studying his own fingernails. Instead, his gaze was trained fixedly upon his shoes. Rather nice black shoes, in fact.
A limousine pulled up beside the shabby stand, and the boy (and his bodyguard) immediately snapped to attention. In a colorless voice, the boy asked the driver whether he should like any lemonade.
Sadly, he didn’t. Instead, he demanded to know exactly why his son, the Great Artemis Fowl, heir to the Fowl estates, was selling lemonade at a Tiki Stand in front of their driveway, completely blocking the way in.
Suffice to say that Artemis’s answer was excessively long winded and made no sense whatsoever, except to draw everyone’s minds completely away from the topic.
As a side note, Artemis earned exactly thirty-two dollars that day. Thirty from himself, and two from his bodyguard. After all, guarding a lemonade stall is tiring work.
TEGC: I finally updated! Thanks to Thorn-the-Fastidious-Witch for the idea! This isn’t my best work, but I’m trying to memorize constellations. I might redo/edit this later. Who knows? …Definitely not me.
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