❯ Employee of the Month – His Autobiography ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
An old, white haired, stooped man sat in a sturdy chair in front of his desk. His desk was covered in various bits of junk, most of which he had written. In front of him sat a computer. More accurately, in front of him sat a photo album, a computer, a laptop, a handheld dictionary and translator, and palm, and an IPod Nano. Artemis Fowl was writing his own memoir.
Truthfully, he was trying to write his memoir. There is a difference, believe me. Small differences, such as he had not yet gotten past his first daring bank robbery. Not to mention that he had not yet begun to explain about the elves. However, that was fine with him. He did not want his book published until after his death. Moreover, he had that planned out too. He was going to die in a nice and orderly way. Actually, he was going to lie down in the tomb he had had made, right next to the one of his mate, Holly, and take poison.
Therefore, he had all the time in the world. A wasted man limped slowly into the doorway of Artemis’s office. “Butler, what do you want?” “Master Artemis,” the man attempted to stand straighter, “lunch is ready.” His master nodded distractedly, not wanting to pause from writing his memoirs.
“You can eat, Butler. I just need to finish these few pages.” A few hours later Butler reentered the room, “Master Artemis, it is time for your nap. Your physician told me to remind you everyday at precisely 3:00 in the afternoon.” Artemis glanced at the clock, which told him that, yes; it was 3:00 in the afternoon. “No wonder I feel so tired. I will retire immediately”
He got up rather feebly, not surprising for a man at the age of 94, and stumbled into his bedchambers, collapsing into his bed. “Good night, mother.” The old man mumbled sleepily, before drifting off into a sleep from which he would not wake.
Nevertheless, do not be sad, for he was reunited with his dear Holly, and Butler and Juliet finished his autobiography for him. It was an instant hit on booklists, and the pair made millions of dollars. Even though most people regarded the story as suspicious, and Butler and Juliet eventually had to classify the book as a work of fiction, the pair still retired happily, and lived the rest of their lives out with their respective mates.
TheEvilestGirlChild: Hey, it is I again! Hehehe… Artemis willingly submitting to taking a nap. And mating with Holly! That is just funny… hehehe…
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